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Kristin Booker • June 15, 2014

#30DaysofLips: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Weekends call for a time to reconnect with myself. I’m exploring all sorts of things during these moments of rest, a time where the demands of the week fall away and I start issuing a few demands of my own, not the least of which include two naps and one uninterrupted hour to do whatever I want. I’m working on the framework for my book. I like to get outside and soak up a little fresh air when I can. I’m learning Italian. Weekends are important. They belong to ME.

Rouge Bunny Rouge product header

During these awesome times when I can let my hair down (literally, this is my natural hair texture, unveiled for the first time in the WORLD EVER,) I can pare the beauty routine back to sunscreen, a bit of brow gel, clear mascara and a good gloss.

Right now, I’m playing with the combination of two items from Rouge Bunny Rouge: their Devilish Nectar Lip Potion (a plumping potion that gives your lips a gentle lift without going insane) and Glassy Gloss in Sweet Excesses, a lovely nude-pink that blends perfectly with your natural lip color for that extra “oomph” on Sundays without trying too hard. I like this look: it’s naturally rock and roll pretty without having to pick up the eyeliner. I can get down with it.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Headshot 1

Rouge Bunny Rouge Headshot Final 2


Somebody call Lenny Kravitz. I think we should hang out.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Devilish Nectar Lip Potion ($24) and Glassy Gloss in Sweet Excesses ($25) are available via B-Glowing. It’s a cool little line, with plenty of girlish vanity staples I think you’ll enjoy. Go check them out.

Sunglasses: Diane Von Furstenberg. Necklace: Zoe Chicco.

All photos: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty. All rights reserved.


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Love your necklace! it is so dainty and cute!


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