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Kristin Booker • January 13, 2015

Announcing The 44 for 44 Challenge

The photo above was taken when I was home in Charleston over the holidays. It’s a set of stairs at a place I’ve always loved, a place of wonder when I was a child. It’s a grand building that used to house a planetarium within its bowels, and I have many amazing memories of sitting in the dark, staring up at the projected stars and planets and dreaming about my future.

Photo: Megan Dailey Photography

Photo: Megan Dailey Photography

I’d tell you where we took the photo, but I’m not exactly sure it’s okay that we were there, even though we were only there for three minutes. But it made me think about how many dreams I dreamt for myself in that spot, and as the moss grows up the stairs and the foundation crumbles ever so slightly, how time passes on with and/or without some of those visions coming true.

I will turn 44 years old this year. That number seems slightly crazy to me (I certainly don’t feel that old,) but it’s made me aware of the fact that it’s time to dream some new dreams and set some new goals. At the end of 2015, I’d love to look back at my life and think, “WOW, what a year!” I want to challenge myself, but I also want to make sure the list isn’t entirely about me; I’d get sick of myself, as anyone would with 365 days of navel gazing.

And so, here is my list of the things I want to accomplish by December 31, 2015. I’m calling it the 44 for 44 Challenge.

  1. Learn how to surf
  2. Master crow pose and forearm handstand in yoga
  3. Go zip lining
  4. Go on a yoga retreat
  5. Finish my book manuscript
  6. Go “blonde”/lighten my hair
  7. Visit all the parks at Disney World
  8. Buy an article of clothing from Kirna Zabete
  9. Live in LA for a week
  10. Eat my way from LA to San Francisco
  11. Watch the sunset in Key West
  12. Interview Drew Barrymore for Fashion.Style.Beauty
  13. Try a new nail polish a week
  14. Try one new workout a week
  15. Try Core Fusion Extreme
  16. Wear a two-piece bathing suit…in a photo
  17. Learn how to make pasta
  18. Go vegan for a month
  19. Have high tea at The Plaza with a friend
  20. Eat at Jean-Georges
  21. Buy a black leather biker jacket
  22. Watch the sunrise in Hawaii
  23. See the Foo Fighters
  24. See The Who
  25. Walk the beach with my mom
  26. Adopt a rescue pet
  27. Hit my goal weight
  28. See an NFL game at a stadium
  29. Complete a fitness challenge
  30. Have dinner at the Chateau Marmont
  31. Have lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel
  32. Learn to paddleboard
  33. Read one new book a week
  34. Have dinner in a new city once a month
  35. Simplify my wardrobe
  36. Take a burlesque class
  37. Redecorate my apartment for less than $500
  38. Find a monthly opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life
  39. Drive from Miami to Key West in a convertible
  40. Get published in a major magazine
  41. Launch email and Shop for FSB
  42. Meet and interview Amanda de Cadenet of
  43. Attend a movie premiere
  44. Take myself on a date once a month

I know, it seems slightly crazy, but it’s totally doable if I put myself first. Which is kind of the genius of doing something like this.

Photo: Megan Dailey Photography.

Photo: Megan Dailey Photography.

I’m also trying to learn how to shoot video, so while they’ll be incredibly amateur, I think it might be fun to document some of them in video. I will commit, however, to reporting in once a week on accomplishing at least one of these with at least a photo or three of accomplishing the task.

So, here’s my challenge to you: what birthday is coming up, and what do you want to do with your year? Make your own list and keep yourself honest. I’ll be posting my progress on social media with the hashtag #44for44, so wish me luck. I have a feeling it’s about to be a very big year. 🙂

Outfit Details: James Perse Sweatshirt, Express Mid-Rise Legging Jeans, Topshop “Frilla” oxfords, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. All clothes are my own.

Photographed by Megan Dailey in Charleston, WV, on December 27, 2015. All rights reserved.





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