Kristin Booker • July 29, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: Get Rid of Your Shiny Forehead for FREE!

A friend of mine described her face today as an oil slick. Honestly, even I have issues with shiny t-zones in the summer. If I ever beg you not to do something when it comes to your shiny face is putting extra powder on to try and soak it up. It’s a personal beauty pet peeve of mine to see a woman’s makeup starting to crack and look uneven. Ew.

Here’s a quick beauty tip to help you save face for FREE: head into your local restroom (at work, at a restaurant, wherever). See those toilet paper covers that you sit on to protect your pretty backside from the seat? Rip one of those suckers up (unused, obviously) and use it as blotting paper. It works just as well as the ones you buy in the store and it costs you absolutely nothing.

I would encourage you to make up for this by paying for your meal or putting in a couple of extra minutes at work if you’re taking them. Even though they’re free, karma appreciates a full circle of giving, FSB beauties.


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