Kristin Booker • July 28, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: How to Get Summer Smooth Feet At Home

Last Friday, I carved out a little time to get a Minx pedicure with Tracylee Percival, manicurist to the stars and salon manager of the uber-rocker-fabulous Suite 303 in the Hotel Chelsea. More to come on that later for Social Diva but check out the photo above. Could you DIE? It’s amazing.

Because I had less-than-spectacular feet when I sat down for the procedure (they looked like I’d been dragging rocks barefoot through Middle Earth, I am so not kidding), I asked Tracylee for her advice on daily maintenance. Tracylee says that the major mistake most women make is that they file their feet in the shower, which isn’t that effective. When you’re done showering, blot your feet, then turn and file your feet AFTER the shower: your feet will have absorbed the moisture and are damp, which makes filing off dead skin super effective for spectacular results.

Here’s another (and most important) point: the foot file has to be completely DRY, not wet. Buffing with a wet foot file is not effective. Follow your efforts with a good foot cream and you’re ready to go.

Tracy used a long, angular file like this Heel to Toe Foot File ($2.89 at any Sally Beauty store) on me and the results were mind-blowing. Note the pointed edge which gets between toes. At $3 for this tool, there is no excuse to have nasty feet, folks. None at all.

Tracylee gives one of the best mani-pedis on Earth and the Minx pedi is the BOMB, as shown in the photo above. If you need to book her for a professional shoot or industry function, contact Vue Mgmt 212-431-5780. If you want to book a private appointment with her at Suite 303, call 212-633-1011. I promise you will walk out a shiny, happier person with one MAJOR pedicure.


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