Kristin Booker • September 24, 2009

60-Second Beauty Tip: How to Wear Sheer Black Lipstick

You’re thinking to yourself, “She’s finally gone off the deep end” but hear me out: this isn’t the Goth black lipstick you used to buy at the mall as a teenager. Urban Decay has a fabulous new lipstick for Fall/Winter called Oil Slick ($22), which is described as a “glossy black with silver microsparkle.”

By itself, it’s an edgy sheer look that gives a bit of punk appeal but here’s the trick: slick this on over any red, pink or purple lipstick (not gloss) and it instantly deepens the shade and adds a bit of nighttime glamour to any look! It might sound crazy but head to your local Sephora and try this on for size. I recommend pairing it with other super lip-conditioning Urban Decay lipsticks, like Jilted (a hot pink), Gash (a blood red) or Buzzkill (a deep rose). It’s like purchasing a whole new wardrobe of lipsticks without having to spend all that money!


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