Kristin Booker • July 31, 2009

60 Second Beauty Tip: The Best Way To Deep Condition Hair

We all love deep conditioners, especially those of us who need to apologize for all of the abuse we heap on our poor little heads (flat irons, straighteners, chemical treatments, etc. – shame on us). Want a salon-quality deep conditioning treatment at home? Put your deep conditioner on your hair when it’s dry.

Why? Because when your hair is wet it’s already absorbed water, so it can only “drink” so much more product before it’s “full”. If you put the deep conditioner on your hair when it’s dry, it takes in more of the product and you get maximum benefit. Throw it on dry hair, run some errands or take a spin class, then wash your hair as normal. Blow your hair out and the results will blow your mind.

I’m actually doing it as we speak. I’m using Redken Extreme Rescue Force ($12.75), which is amazing for my dry, unruly hair but it’s actually amazing for all hair types that need a little extra lovin’.

Give this tip a shot. You can buy me a drink the next time you see me. I love lychee martinis. 🙂


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