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Kristin Booker • August 4, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: 70’s Summertime Classic Rock

Whenever I go home to West Virginia, the first thing I always do is turn the radio to Rock 105. What used to be FM 105 when I was growing up is still the pre-eminent rock station in the city, and it’s still inspiring people in my home state to rock out hard.

There are current acts I really like, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to enjoying my summer, I like to reach into the music vault and pull up a few good standard hard rock hits now and then.

I look at summer playlists like your favorite fashion choices as soon as the mercury rises: they’re like old friends without whom the summer simply would not be complete. You pull on the cutoffs and the t-shirts for a sultry summer day, and can instantly remember that wild night someplace you weren’t supposed to be, where the weather was just right, and the person you were crushing on was there, and it felt like it was supposed to last forever. Your mental wardrobe can recall the dress you loved that got stained at the best cookout of your life; you can still see the stitching on your favorite tennis shoes, covered in mud from running through yards, desperately escaping a water balloon.

Summer is about making memories, but I do love the idea of etching newer happy thoughts to a familiar soundtrack. This week’s collection is a private list of some of my favorite classic rock songs from when I was very little. It’s a good list of 70’s rock designed to help you open the windows, put on some look you love and get out there to make new memories. Or, maybe you just get inspired to slow down and enjoy a beverage during the few days of summer we have left.

From The Clash to Foghat, from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen all the way to CCR and Jackson Browne, this is my 70’s Summertime list. It ends with a song by The Babys, and it’s just the best.

As I work like a crazy person to enjoy the final weeks before Fashion Week, I hope you’ll join me and slowing down to make some new memories to a great list of old favorites. Rock out, rock in a hammock – just take advantage of these sweet days that will be gone all too soon.


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