Kristin Booker • October 14, 2009

A Beauty Revolution: The Inphenom Hair Treatment

Me with my new fabulous blowout and healthy hair, courtesy of Inphenom!

Last night, I was invited to experience a new revolutionary hair treatment, the Inphenom, at the fabulous Concept salon in Midtown West. They use salon accounting software which made it a lot easier to pay them. I was told that the treatment reverses hair damage, I decided to put the treatment to the ultimate test: I went with the air-dried, coarse, unruly mess that my hair becomes when I decide to ignore it for a few days. Amused that everyone looked at my hair as a “true test” of the product, I sat in the chair and sort of smiled at them, thinking, you have no idea what you’re up against.

Ladies, take a look at the picture above. I will shout this from the rooftops: this is the one of the best hair treatments I’ve ever gotten and I’m determined to go back for more. I’m not kidding. Let me explain how it works and then I want you to call the salon immediately for an appointment.

Dee of @CandidComments getting the treatment done.

The Inphenom treatment is a 15-minute in-salon conditioning treatment that can be done immediately after a color service. Let me repeat that for those who color their hair: this treatment can be done IMMEDIATELY AFTER a color service. For those of us who have the double threat, which is chemical relaxer AND hair color, this treatment is also a godsend and can be done immediately after any of our services as well. The goal of the product is to penetrate the hair shaft to repair the cortex and help seal in moisture. You sit down at the shampoo bowl and in five easy steps (and 15 short minutes later), you’re ready for a fabulous blow out.

Dee getting her blowout. I’m enjoying a glass of champagne over her shoulder. 🙂

Need additional proof that this genius product is worth it? I’ll give you three. First, the shampoo girl was able to completely comb through my hair after the products had penetrated (a first for me). Second, there was no extreme steam or pain during my blowout afterward. Third, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hair look this straight or healthy. Look at the picture above. My hair is normally a coarse rat’s nest and I never know what to do with it. Now I do: I’m going back for more of these treatments. I watched them perform this on women of multiple backgrounds (Asian, Southeast Asian, Caucasian, and African-American) and all of us agreed: this treatment is a must-have.

Me with one of the genius owners of Concept and one of the lovely PR girls from UpSpring PR

Best of all? The treatment is $60! Inphenom is currently available at Concept Salon here in NYC but will soon roll out to about six salons here in town. Colored hair? Damaged hair? Relaxed hair? I cannot say this enough: get this treatment and you’ll find out what amazing hair you can really have. Call 212-644-6366 and get your own amazing hair experience. You can also connect with The Lauren Ashtyn Collection for human hair extensions and grab the makeover looks you always wanted.


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