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Kristin Booker • December 24, 2012

A Little Reflection and Thank You Before The Holidays


As I’m furiously packing to go home for the holidays (yes, I’m flying home tomorrow, on Christmas Day,) I wanted to send a little note of thanks to every single one of you for being readers of my site.

This year has been quite an amazing time. I did campaigns for some huge names, like Timex and Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy. I went to Fashion Week for Target. I became a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare. A LOT went down on a professional angle. I’m really happy with where things are and I’m BEYOND excited to see what 2013 will bring.

Some other things happened, too. I got a sweet little jewel box of an apartment in New York City to call my own. I lost some weight, then gained some of it back. I lost some “friends,” don’t really want any of them back. I’m ending the year in slightly bigger jeans and with a slightly smaller group of close friends. Both of those are more than okay with me.

I learned the company I keep is in direct proportion to how I feel about myself. I’m happy to say the company with which I am surrounded now are upbeat, happy, self-motivated and ready to slay it in 2013. Feels pretty good to say that. 🙂

Right now, I want to say thank you to all of you who read the site. You’re busy people. You have, you know, lives and stuff. The fact that you come back to hear my musings about fashion, beauty and lifestyle makes me extremely proud and humble. The fact that there are thousands of you makes me blush.

So, please do spend some time with your families. Hug your loved ones and be sure to take some time for yourself this holiday season. Even if it’s a little bubble bath with a tiny candle and 15 minutes of solitude, do it. And just take a moment to be grateful for this life we have.

Life is short. Live well.

But, thank you. Thank you so much for being there with me through a very important year in my life. Here’s to another good one…for all of us.

I hope you come back for more. There’s some good stuff coming this year…for all of us. Let’s do it up right together.

Photo: Giafrese

Photo: Giafrese

Happy Holidays, everyone!




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