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Kristin Booker • November 5, 2012

A Quick Note on Hurricane Sandy And How You Can Help

This week’s cover of New York Magazine: lower Manhattan in a blackout last week. Image courtesy of New York Magazine.

I was just in the middle of writing another post about makeup, when it occurred to me that I had to take a moment and recognize the extraordinary events of what happened last week, with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

I’m a Southerner, so I have to unfortunately admit that this wasn’t my first time at this rodeo. I’ve been through a hurricane ravaging before, so I’ve seen the downed trees, decimated areas and the like before. But never did I expect to see that above the Mason Dixon Line, and NEVER did I expect it to tear apart my beloved adopted home, New York City.

I’m grateful to the many of you who called to check on me. I’m unbelievably grateful and blessed that I made it through the storm with all my utilities in tact and that I was able to help a friend or two in need during that time.

I’m sad that not everyone was so fortunate and I’m issuing a call for help for those who have no power, no heat, no food and no resources in our boroughs right now. For as fortunate as I am, there are many who were nowhere near as lucky and they face dire circumstances if we don’t all get together and help.

This is an official plea to do two things.

The first thing is to PLEASE help donate money to the American Red Cross. You can give up a coffee for one day and help send much-needed supplies and food to those who are stranded without a way out. There are elderly people in walk-up apartments with nowhere to go. Families have been displaced with children who need clothing and food. It’s serious up here, folks. $5, $10, $25, $50 – whatever you can afford to give. But please click here and donate whatever you can.

It’s super simple: just text “Red Cross” to 90999. It will take a minute and could be the difference to a person in desperate need right now as the temperatures drop. You can also make your donation directly to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. They’ll put the money right where we need it.

The second plea is to take a moment and remember what it’s really all about. Human kindness is important, folks, as my friend Amber summed up in a gorgeous post on her blog. At the end of the day, we can fight about who says what about which candidate or talk about unfriending people on Facebook, but there is no fashion, no style and nothing beautiful without that precious thing we call life. Take a moment to value yours and reach across the street, the aisle or the web to help extend a moment of kindness today.

Because right now, we could all use it.

I’ll get back to the fluffy stuff tomorrow. Right now, let’s focus on the task at hand: let’s help the people who need it.


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