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Kristin Booker • July 20, 2012

A Very Special Reader Beauty Question: Makeup Tips For Women Without Eyelashes From Celebrity Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow

The main reason I stated Fashion.Style.Beauty is that I wanted to be of service, that I wanted to help people dream a better life and give them information that will help make their lives a little better.

A few weeks ago, I got a reader letter from a dear college friend whose daughter has a particular challenge: at age 13, she has a rare condition where, after multiple surgeries, she has no eyelashes on one eye.  My friend wants to help her daughter use makeup to balance her gorgeous eyes (one eye evidently has lashes, the other does not) and to feel good about herself. Because, let’s face it: 13 is a tough enough age, but this added challenge can present some particular hurdles.

There was absolutely no question that I would help, and no question in my mind who to turn to: celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow, who has worked with practically EVERYONE in the business – Jordana Brewster, Brooke Shields, Olivia Wilde, the cast of Project Runway, a gazillion models at Fashion Week, the list goes on and on. I know Tina has a great heart and a particular understanding of how to help women look beautiful with gentle products and a very natural touch. These are Tina’s words and recommendations, written to the little girl herself. We’ll call her “KD”:

“Ah yes…13 years old that is when the makeup fascination begins. Feeling and looking pretty, making the most what you have and discovering ways to achieve that through experimenting with products – that’s where it’s at!

Every teen (and woman) has their flaws and imperfections– challenges with their looks and feeling confidence in their own unique beauty. When you’re young, it’s a time of self-discovery and trying to deal with what you’ve been dealt. It is hard to not “fit” into the ideal, but it’s also boring to be just like everyone else! Which you, my dear, most certainly are not. Your differences make you unique, and your heart and what’s inside it matters THE MOST.

But, I understand that need to feel balanced, so adding adding some single lashes to balance the look of your eyes would be best. Ottawa is a brand of eyelashes that is great – they have short individuals lashes that should do the trick. I just dab the knotted end in a bit of lash glue and apply it along the lash line. Eyelash Extensions Ottawa are usually the best and most quality durable on the market

Andrea ModLash Starter Kit, #53, available at drugstores near you or

Andrea also makes a single lash strip (think a row of lashes like your own) and it’s really great looking and quite natural – the model number is #53. Check it out – very easy to apply. (editorial note: you can remove them with Andrea’s Perma Lash Remover – gentle and very easy.)

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Liner, available at drugstores, retailers near you and your local Target stores.

My other suggestion is to line the lashline with a smudgey pencil or cream liner, which gives the lashes some depth and intensity. A dark chocolate brown could work nicely. L’Oreal Paris makes a liquid eyeliner pencil and their Telescopic Liquid Liner has a marker tip that’s really amazing. Revlon Colorstay Liner Liquid Eye Makeup is also really good and long-lasting. Tarte Cosmetics makes great cream liner, smolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye Liner, they go on really smooth and easy, then dry to stay put. I would say get a nice firm pointy brush to help you manipulate the liner and a smudger brush to blend and make your makeup match the dramatic look of your other lash line so it balances nicely.

One of the most magical eyebrow places on Earth: the Benefit Brow Bar.

Eyesbrows are a big thing, too! Work with a professional and make sure they’re shaped well.  13 is when I started plucking, so I totally know what I’m talking about! (editorial note: I would highly recommend the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar – there should be one near you.)

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain, available at Sephora.

You also might want to shift the focus to your gorgeous skin and lips; it’s a great professional tip to shift the eye around the face and create a pretty look. Bright and deep colors in products like lip stains are wonderful. I love BITE’s all-natural lip colors,  as well as Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain and Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stains. Laura Mercier Lip Stains are also really nice. OOH, and check out Clinique Power Lash Mascara (you can use it over your lash, real and fake) AND their Chubby Sticks (which you can use for your cheeks, too!)

But just remember: makeup is one thing, but nothing will ever take away from your amazing heart shining through your eyes–the windows of your beautiful soul.”

And there you have it. Because I know there are many young girls and women out there who have a different kind of beauty with particular challenges, I wanted to post this and give you the best advice from one of the best in the industry.

So it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost lashes from cancer, surgeries, rare diseases or any other cause. I hope these tips are helpful to all women – young and old – and the mothers out there who want to understand how to use beauty tools under different circumstances. It is my sincere hope – and Tina’s – that these tips help you simply know a little more about how the beauty industry can best serve you…

….show how beautiful you are, inside and out.

We love you, KD! Be brave and beautiful!


Kristin and Tina


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