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Photo: giafrese

Photo: giafrese

About Kristin Booker

I grew up in West Virginia, moved to North Carolina to go to college and study art, writing and photography. As in, I went to college on an art scholarship. Somewhere during that journey, I made a decision to change my degree to business with an art minor. I graduated and spent well over a decade in corporate America, predominately in HR. My decision to go corporate was based on the fear that my dreams couldn’t sustain me, so they went to the back burner and there they stayed…for fifteen years.

I’m the person who is most familiar with trying to bury the dreams that nag at you at night. I ate, I drank, had bad relationships, I relocated across the country 12 times in ten years. But something kept nagging at me, telling me the life I was living was not for me. In between payroll discussions, I could tell you everything about Diane von Furstenberg’s spring collection. I knew how to find the right drugstore foundation. I am a born fashion and beauty lover. I’ve always lived for it.

Cut to 2007: I’m back in North Carolina, sick, 100 lbs. overweight, and miserable.

On March 17, 2007, when the daily question, “Is this really all there is?” popped into my head, finally I heard myself answer. The answer was “No.”

I wanted to write, create, and become involved with fashion and beauty industry.

I sold almost everything I owned, and one month later in April 2007, I flew to New York City on a one-way ticket with $300 in my pocket and one suitcase. I was 37 years old.

I left corporate America in 2008, and in March 2009 this blog was born.

Yep, that's Drew Barrymore. :)

Yep, that’s Drew Barrymore. :)

Since then, I’ve created this site and created a successful career as a freelance writer, crafting stories for Marie Claire, ELLE, Refinery29, Lucky, xoJane, xoVain, and Yahoo Beauty. Because of this blog, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with brands like Microsoft, Dell, Target, CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy, Tide, Simple Skincare, COVERGIRL, Clairol, and Maybelline. I’ve met some fantastic people, I’ve traveled to some amazing places, I’ve covered New York Fashion Week twelve times, and I’m just getting started.

Photo: Ashley Sears Photography

Photo: Ashley Sears Photography


About Fashion.Style.Beauty

This blog has one main purpose: I want you to be inspired to do something for yourself every single day. This blog isn’t about having my life. I mean, I have that down (sort of.) I want you to be inspired to do something amazing in YOUR life.

Fashion.Style.Beauty has a tagline: “Life is short. Live well.” This site is targeted toward women (particularly you lovelies over 35) to talk about how we do just that. It’s about finding personal style through trial and experimentation, unearthing those beauty items that make your heart sing, and discovering a way of living that speaks to a style that’s just your own. I’ll share a good amount about my life here, and we’ll get to know each other and some people who may inspire you. But the bottom line is that change is good, possible, and entirely within your grasp. If I can recreate my life with $300, one suitcase and a dream, you can find a new lipstick or concept that sets your heart on fire.

You deserve to be happy. You absolutely should feel empowered to follow you dreams. Life doesn’t end at 30. The best part is just getting started.


Aahh…finally, a life I can get behind.

Suggestions? Questions? Burning desires? I want to hear from you! kristin@fashionstylebeauty.com


Kristin Booker

Kristin Booker

These are my adventures in personal style, beauty, fitness, travel, and life in general. Also, I do some great interviews with inspiring women. There might be a little art mixed in here, too.

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