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Fashion.Style.Beauty is the ultimate fashion and beauty blog destination for women of a certain age. Namely, those who have reached the ultimate milestone of 30 and specifically for those who have left that milestone in the rear view mirror.

I’m Kristin Booker and I’m a fashion and beauty blogger in New York City. I’m well over the age of 30 and I know that there are certain fashion and beauty concerns that only those of us who have passed that age can understand. Magazines everywhere are screaming at us from a perspective of things we should be afraid of, with “The Age Issue” and how to dress appropriately for your age. There’s a lot of fear-based messaging out there with a lot of does your man want you, should you get married (again), is that hemline too high and have you reached an age where that color lipstick is too bright?

I’m here to show you another perspective on things. I want to teach you how to get what you want out of life and how to use fashion, beauty and certain lifestyle aspects to live life to the fullest. I want you to take inspiration from this blog and use it to fill your wardrobe, your vanity and your life with things that make your heart sing.

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I’m proof positive that following your passion in life is a doorway to happiness beyond measure. I spent a decade and a half working in corporate America in a job and a life I hated because it was something I was told I should do. I was miserable. So, in 2007, I sold everything I owned, packed what I had left into one suitcase, and moved to New York City to become a fashion and beauty writer. Now, I write for xoJane, Refinery 29, StyleUnited and other publications. I’ve contributed to Marie Claire, ELLE, ELLE Canada, LOGO Network’s NewNowNext, Daily Glow, StyleCaster and PAPER magazine.

Photo: Giafrese

If I can start with nothing and discover my fun, fearless, fashion-loving self, so can you. Let’s break some rules around here, shall we? Let’s talk to designers about their fearless fashion tips for gals our age. Let’s try some lipsticks that are a bit dangerous and dabble in eye makeup that might be a bit daring. We’ll laugh at fine lines and spackle them up a bit for when the right occasion calls. Let’s go play in hotels around the world, ask experts some REAL questions and basically get you fit, having fun and going to bed satisfied.

Sound like a plan? Let’s do it. Let’s have some fun.


Aahh…finally, a life I can get behind.

Suggestions? Questions? Burning desires? I want to hear from you!


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