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Kristin Booker • July 13, 2011

Accessories Spotlight: Sasha Rhett Rose Gold Double Wrap Watches

Sasha Rhett Double Wrap Rose Gold Watch With Natural Snakeskin Band

I have a small secret: Hi, my name is Kristin and I am a watch-o-holic. I collect and wear multiple timepiece so much that I had to create a whole separate area in my closet for my obsession. Vintage, digital, high end and cost-effective, I’ve got an itch that usually only a brand new fabulous timepiece can scratch.

Enter my new keep-me-up-at-night love of these gorgeous timepieces from Sasha Rhett. Created by NY native and Harvard alum Alexandra Daum as a rather smart concept around gorgeous classic faces with a multitude of bands that allows you to change your look as often as you change your mind without breaking the bank.  In prices that range from $150-$299 for a watch and $65-$75 for additional straps, the timepieces and their interchangeable fashion bands are a great investment.

Sasha Rhett Double Wrap Rose Gold Watch with Navy Snakeskin Leather Band

My new personal favorite is a take on the rose gold trend with a – wait for it – snakeskin wrap band. The trend of python and snake prints is HUGE for fall and this watch has my name ALL over it. The navy strap, the ostrich strap, the nude strap – all amazing and all wardrobe essential statement makers.

Sasha Rhett Double Wrap Rose Gold Watch with Ostrich Strap

Please do check out the amazing timepieces of Sasha Rhett. Isn’t it about “time” you treated yourself?


Sasha Rhett Double Wrap Rose Gold Watch with Nude Leather Strap


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