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Kristin Booker • May 14, 2012

Adventures In Beauty: Experiencing Davines Flamboyage Hair Color at ION Studio

ION Studio in New York's SoHo....where the magic happened.

So, my decision to stop chemically relaxing my hair has created all sorts of freedom and it has created all sorts of options, one of the greatest being that I can now experiment with hair color! I have wanted to add some depth and dimension to my hair for some time and it was high time to do just that.

Which is when I called upon the fantastic ION Studio in New York’s SoHo to experience the new Davines Flamboyage color service. Colorist extraordinaire Naomi Knights happened to be in town from Los Angeles (she does a host of celebs) and as one of the worldwide Davines experts, she was absolutely THE person to talk me through using the process color safely and with no damage.

My dreams of Nicole Richie-esque hair color will someday be realized!

I went in with dreams of Nicole Richie’s hair color. Naomi gently talked me off the ledge and planted my dreams firmly in gorgeous amber highlights that wouldn’t leave me with tons of breakage and fearsome color, otherwise known as “a chemical haircut.” I thank her greatly.

Naomi Knights working the Davines Flamboyage magic on my hair.

The Flamboyage process is extraordinary in the fact that color and highlight is actually applied using large strips of adhesive. It’s quite genius how it works: the colorist sections off your hair as they normally would and then apply a strip of tape over the section.

The Flamboyage strips applied to my hair.

Whatever hair the tape picks up is that to which the color is applied, then they simply fold the tape over and keep moving. No foil, no dripping, no mess and with an application that mimics lightening and highlights that amplify what would naturally occur with environmental exposure (read: no skunk stripes.) The process to highlight my hair took a little over an hour, and since I have previously chemically treated hair the lowest concentration of product was used.

Color being applied to the Flamboyage adhesive strips.

And then the magic happened…

Rinsing and deep conditioning occurring. Also, please do notice the adorable baby highlights making their first appearance in the world.

And then there was a blowout situation with Marcos Diaz, a very talented hairstylist and My Husband In My Head.

Blowouts occurring with Diaz, my mane man at ION Studio.

The result is absolutely incredible. I have subtle amber color woven throughout my hair with (and let’s be clear here) nothing touching my beautifully-growing natural roots. The color is so amazing – it’s like she created my own personal spotlight and soft lighting crew. It actually makes my skin look warmer and more glowing. People have asked me if I’ve been on vacation or had a facial.

TA-DA! Brand new haircolor from the Davines Flamboyage process! I'm on my way to Nicole Richie-hood!

I interviewed Naomi about the process in anticipation of some questions from you guys. Here’s the DL on the Flamboyage process:

FSB: On what texture(s) or type(s) of hair does the Flamboyage process work best?
Naomi: It works on all types. I think it really works well on curly and textured hair because it allows movement of light, whereas straight hair can still benefit but may experience a more subtle result. I also love to use it on grey hair for color without the streaky effect.

FSB: What questions should clients ask before getting it done to get their best results?

Naomi: It’s definitely not like a typical highlighting process; more of a great way to blend color. I think clients need to be specific in their expectations and be very clear as to what they want and don’t want. It’s a great opportunity for people who just want to be introduced to color or add colors they didn’t think they could usually wear since its such a light reflecting process rather than a massive overhaul of color.

FSB: Now, let’s talk about the magic that happened. What tones did you use and what effect did you achieve? It looks like I have a spotlight around my face in the best way possible.
Naomi: I love magic, since my dad is a magician and my mom a storyteller – I guess it runs in the family! The tones I used were inspired by the amber in your earrings (ed note: I was wearing amber-hued earrings the day of the appointment,) but knowing I have to control your hair’s natural tendency to be warm, I had to balance it with a blend of ash and gold so when your hair fades it will fade perfectly and not turn “brassy.” This combination works perfectly with all the tones in your skin and eyes. I used Finest Pigments to give it that perfect balance since the tones come from natural ingredients such as walnuts, ginger and saffron. The rose oil gives it a delicious scent and that shine which adds to the spotlight on your face!
FSB: The results are amazing. OK, so now how do I care for my newly-highlighted strands?
Naomi: Definitely treat your new hair with a lot of moisture and nourishment. I would stick with the Davines NouNou system for daily use, then use a NouNou Nourishing Repairing Pak as a once-a-week treatment. One of my favorite methods to add moisture is to do what you do by using the deep conditioner in the steam room. You can also apply a nourishing oil to your hair before you step into the steam room or go to sleep at night, then wash it out after your steam or when you wake up in the morning followed by the Nou Nou Pak as your conditioner that day. For your hair, I would do this once a week. Hair that’s not so processed can get away with it once a month.
FSB: Finally, how often should I be seeing you for touch-ups/additional color magic?
Naomi: Since you’re trying to grow your hair, let’s keep it easy and only Flamboyage every 4-6 months. In order to maintain shine, we can keep up with a Finest Pigments Gloss every 2-3 months, since it’s a conditioning color with no ammonia and no developer. It’ll help keep your hair looking shiny and fresh!
FSB: Where can people find this fantastic Flamboyance process?
Naomi: Davines has a website with a salon locator, so it’s pretty easy to find your local option. If a salon is using the Davines Color Line they should also have the Flamboyage method. Always call ahead to ask, sometimes it’s just a matter of ordering it if the client requests it.

The best part? The glowing color hasn’t damaged my hair, nor has it faded or become insanely dry. I’m madly in love with my new color and my hair looks and feels amazing. If you’re interested in giving this a shot, call ION Studio here in NYC or check out the Salon Locator that Naomi was talking about. Gentle, subtle, amazing – LOVE. Thank you, Davines and ION Studio for helping me on my hair color journey!



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