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Kristin Booker • July 30, 2012

Adventures In Beauty: Going Short, Sleek and Dark at Ted Gibson Salon NYC

A quick snap of my new ‘do, courtesy of Sade Williams at Ted Gibson Salon.

Gals, I’m going to admit that it has been a bit of a hair adventure this year. I had this moment where I really wanted to embrace my natural texture. I spent seven months growing my hair out, trying all sorts of products, taking a peek at what my hair would look like. I wanted any and all power to keep it going. I considered cutting all my hair off and starting all over again.

And then life happened to me. Which is why I say that I threw in the towel. I straightened and colored my hair.

Now, I know that this might draw a LOT of ire from some individuals. That’s totally okay with me. Because I am a woman who has the right to do what women do, which is change my mind. I feel my goal is to give you all the information you can to make the best choices for yourself. For me, that’s having a hairstyle that feels more like me, where I recognize myself in the mirror. For me, that is straight hair.

I think some people are meant to be blonde, but not necessarily born that way. I think some people are meant to have red hair and they aren’t necessarily born that way. That’s the great thing about beauty: you can change your mind and explore your options and play around to feel your absolute best.

More “ta-da” results from the hair at Ted Gibson Salon.

That choice for me was a call to my friend Ted Gibson and my long-time hair gal on his team, Sade Milinda.  Let’s just say this: when you say, “You know, I don’t really think I like my hair like this” and an A-list celebrity hairstylist who has worked on Gabrielle Union, Anne Hathaway, Ashley Greene, Brooklyn Decker and Angelina Jolie says (with love,) “Yeah, you know, I don’t love it, either”, THAT is the way to the truth, peeps. We talked through some ideas and four days later, I was in a chair with Sade. Cut to a mere couple of hours later and I looked into the mirror to see a pretty rockin’ chop with gorgeous espresso brown color and depth (a L’Oreal gloss treatment.) I feel like myself. I feel like I look prettysmokinghottempting and that’s what I was going for. I will continue to report on the best in the beauty industry everywhere, but when it comes to maintaining my mane, it’s sealed: I’m a Gibson Girl.

Ted Gibson Salon in NYC: where the magic happened yet again. Click for more information and/or to book your own appointment or call 212-633-6333.

I think it’s important to look at yourself in the mirror and really SEE yourself. In my mind’s eye, this is what I look like and now that all that matches up, all is right with the world. This is how I feel most beautiful for ME. YOU have the right to make all the choices you want to feel that you look your absolute best. That’s the great thing about freedom of choice: you’re free to do whatever you’d like.

Be yourself. Be beautiful. Do what you want to make yourself happy.


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