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Kristin Booker • September 7, 2010

Amazing Fashion Moment: Tea With Rebecca Minkoff

FSB has garnered me a lot of opportunities to meet some of the best and brightest in the fashion industry. I’ve had a chance to meet some amazing people but recently I got a fantastic invitation courtesy of the lovely Daniel Saynt of  Fashion Indie that almost made me weep with happiness and excitement: tea with Rebecca Minkoff.

I arrived that evening for a spot of tea with the designer and her entire team (and a good amount of champagne – we are online media, after all) and a discussion of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentation. We had a chance to view the new Luxury Collection of bags, coming in March 2011, which will take Rebecca’s uber-cool design aesthetic into the stratosphere. We’re talking materials like ostrich and her trademark designs kicked up for the Park Avenue town car set but still with her super chic downtown twist.

Head’s up, by the way:  the bags and shoes coming for spring 2011 are mind-blowing, people. It’s a whole collction full of shapes you love so much (and a couple of new silhouettes thrown in) with some surprising new twists – washable leather, vibrant South Beach-approved colors and some cool new flourishes (little coin purses and wallets that are so charming they’ll bring you to tears.) I needed every shoe on the wall, I wanted every handbag shown. Ladies, if you want to know what label you’ll be craving for Spring 2011, I have two words for you: Rebecca Minkoff.

Where does one begin to describe how lovely and charming the designer and her team were? First of all, they’re all incredibly funny and engaging. We chatted about their company picnic (which had some Lady Gaga dancing, just saying) and what it’s like to work in the office of a major fashion label (lots of fun, extremely busy.) They couldn’t tell us too terribly much about the collection without spilling serious secrets, but since it compliments the bags and shoes visible in the gallery below, you know it’s going to be spectacular. I’ve received my invitation to the show so you’ll get all the coverage of this gorgeous collection your little hearts desire.

Although it’s true I’m a bigger fan of Rebecca Minkoff after meeting her, it’s not just due to the event. You know how cool the designs are, that impossibly fun and girlish glamour mixed with down-to-earth details that makes you want to aspire to them as a lifestyle? That’s what it’s like to meet Rebecca and her team. This is a fashion label that gets their super cool customers – because they ARE those women.

Check out the photos below and you’ll see what I mean. I plan on living in this line for the upcoming season and after looking at the handbags and shoes they showed, I think you’ll be right there with me. Keep your eyes posted for show coverage to come!

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  1. Katie says:

    Love RM… so exciting (and quite proper!) that you had tea together! Love!

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