Kristin Booker • December 13, 2009

America’s Next Top Beauty Model: Enter the Purple Lab HSN Model Search!

Is that you over there, practicing your best magazine cover face in the mirror? Honey, if you’ve ever wanted to be a model, Purple Lab Cosmetics wants to give you a shot at your big break!

You see, Purple Lab (maker of my makeup bag staple Huge Lips, Skinny Hips) is heading to Home Shopping Network next year with some genius new products, like Lashionista Modelista (mascara and liquid liner duo), Silk Sheets (luxe foundation), Luvah (double-plumping lip stain with glossy topper and aphrodisiacs), Luxury Squared (concealer and highligher in one), and Cheek Implants (cream blush with collagen). None of these products are even in stores yet but you can get on the waitlist and pre-order them now via these links.

In order to celebrate their appearance on HSN in February 2010, they’re looking for a spokemodel. Oh yes, former Star Search watcher, they want a fabulous person to stand beside Creatrix Karen Robinovitz (practice the pronunciation now: it’s row-BIN-oh-vits) and help properly display those genius products to millions and MILLIONS of HSN viewers.

Purple Lab is about beauty and glamour and since we all know that has nothing to do with height, body weight or preference of handbag, this contest is open to anyone and everyone. If you think you’re fierce enough to strut your stuff in front of tens of millions of viewers and make love to the camera, submit a photo or video that best explains why you should be chosen to be the glamour gal for this double duty beauty brand. After that, Karen will announce the winner LIVE on HSN on February 18th at 8 pm. So pack your bag, because if you win you will be whisked away for a trip to Florida (do I post the best contests or what? Florida in Feburary? I’m totally jealous) and appear on HSN!!!

More details are available here but, I mean, really, what more can I give you other than a chance to become a star? Enter now and remember the little people! Good luck!


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