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Kristin Booker • February 26, 2013

And Now, A Little About My Interview with Girls’ Star Allison Williams on the MAKERS Red Carpet

Even though this post is brought to you as part of my role as a Brand Ambassador with Simple Skincare, the opinions expressed within are strictly my own.

The crew behind the MAKERS: Women Who Changed History docu-series.

The crew behind the MAKERS: Women Who Changed History docu-series.

The night before New York Fashion Week was a busy one, when I got a chance to attend the advanced screening of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, the new three-part PBS documentary that chronicles women who have changed the course of modern history. You know those nights, those moments in history that inspire you to your own moments of personal greatness?

This was one of those nights. As in, I got a chance to say “Hi” to Gloria Steinem, an integral part of the documentary and a legend in women’s rights.

The legend herself, Gloria Steinem.

The legend herself, Gloria Steinem.

Simple Skincare, the sponsor of the MAKERS project, had asked me to interview some of our notable Advisory Board members on the red carpet and to particularly interview our new brand spokesperson, Girls actress Allison Williams. I got a chance to come within inches of my heroes, including  Dr. Ruth Westheimer…

DR. RUTH! Sorry, I was positively giddy!

DR. RUTH! Sorry, I was positively giddy!

Marlo Thomas and Phil DonahueJimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon and the gorgeous Kyra Sedgwick.

Yes, Kyra Sedgwick is this gorgeous in person. I was inches from her as she was interviewed.

Yes, Kyra Sedgwick is this gorgeous in person. I was inches from her as she was interviewed.

I also got a chance to speak with two Simple Skincare advisory board members who have had a personal impact on me: fitness expert Kacy Duke and nutrionist Ellie Krieger. With a theme of inspiring women at my back, I had a chance to remind Kacy that I had met her almost five years ago at the beginning of my own weight loss journey, that she had told me never to make excuses, that someday I would come into my own. Her eyes brimmed with tears as I was able to hug her and tell her that 80+ lbs later, she was right. I was able to tell Ellie that her ability to modify fattening recipes and to look at food as a source of fuel also helped me achieve that goal. We had a little moment right there.

Oh, and some tips from these amazing advisors were shared. When I asked Kacy what she says to women that are “too busy to exercise,” she said this:

“Movement is a privilege. If you really think about that, there’s no way you can make yourself get up and do SOMETHING. Make the escalator your own personal Stairmaster if you want. If you’re bored, mix it up a little bit. Walk a little bit, but be present in your workout. Celebrate the body you have, get the body you want.”

Ellie had some amazing advice for food that you will love that will love your skin right back: eat salmon. “Salmon is amazing! It’s so satisfying, so helpful in every way and so incredibly easy to make. People feel a bit intimidated by it, but it really is so easy and so good.” Other ideas if you’re not a fish person? “Avocado and all colorful fruits and vegetables! All will help your skin and your overall glow!”

Red Carpet Premiere Of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, A Documentary Proudly Presented By Simple(r) Facial Skincare

Girls star Allison Williams being photographed as I was speaking with her. So lovely, SO NICE. Oh, and great skin, obviously.

And then, our new spokeswoman came down the red carpet, aglow and looking amazing. I only had a minute to ask her some questions, so here’s what she had to say:

On when she discovered she had sensitive skin: “I figured it out around high school. I started trying different products and I’ve tried them all, and the only thing that won’t irritate my skin reliably is Simple Skincare. Which is why I was so excited when they asked me to represent them.”

 Her favorite skincare tip/trick: “I love to use the Simple Skincare Cleansing Wipes on an airplane. You can just sit in your seat and cleanse your face and no one ever has to know! It’s the best trick and it keeps you from getting airplane grimy.”


The screen as the screening at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall began.

The screen as the screening at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall began.

But even more important? TONIGHT is the premiere of the MAKERS: Women Who Make America on your local PBS station, starting at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT (check your local listings to be sure.) Honestly, we had a chance to see the first episode and a teaser of the others and the women involved – Diane von Furstenberg, Billie Jean King, so so so many more – will show everything from the Women’s Movement to how women broke ground across multiple industries and events, including Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.

Watch MAKERS: Women Who Make America Trailer on PBS. See more from Makers: Women Who Make America.

It’s inspiring and it’s important. Because what we need right now is more women who aspire to something greater than what we’ve been given, and when you see this program you will understand that we’ve been given a LOT. I’ve written about this series before, and I dont think there’s a more important documentary project out there right now.

Gather the gals (particularly young women) around the tv tonight. This is important. We need more great women to do more great things and hopefully this program will help inspire more of that. I know after my red carpet night, I’m inspired to change, to be better. It’s amazing. It’s just that simple.


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