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Kristin Booker • December 14, 2012

And Now, A Little Video Moment with Celebrity Colorist Jason Backe

Celebrity Colorist and L’Oreal Professional Global Ambassador Jason Backe. As in, the Man You Want Doing Your Hair Color, Period and End of Story.

So, one of the things that I do in addition to freelancing for multiple clients is that I shoot an online tv show called Beauty Extract, which appears on Style Coalition TV. It’s an incredible amount of fun because I get to take big beauty questions and interview some really fabulous industry heavyweights who answer them for you.

Also, I’m a ham and I honestly love being on camera.

In this newest episode of Beauty Extract, I got a chance to answer a question that has been on many of our minds for a long time: what happens when you go blonde? No, seriously, all jokes aside, this is a mistake a lot of us have made, as in what is the right color blonde, what happens to your hair when you go from brunette to blonde, how do you take care of it, who should and should’t do it, etc.?

SO, I went to one of the best in the game, celebrity colorist and L’Oreal Professional Global Ambassador Jason Backe. to get this question answered. The list of A-listers that Jason works with is pretty much endless and he KNOWS HIS STUFF. He’s also hilarious and a very good friend. He’s the other half of the Dream Team, his partner is celebrity hairstylist and beauty industry powerhouse Ted Gibson

Check out my newest episode of Beauty Extract: Going Blonde. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you want Jason or one of his well-trained experts to take care of your color situation, go visit him at the tony Ted Gibson Salon in New York’s Flatiron District or Fort Lauderdale, FL. Chances are, you’ll see me or one of my fellow editors there. We don’t get the big work done anywhere else. 😉


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