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Kristin Booker • November 29, 2011

Another Fabulous Reader Question: My Picks For Top Men’s Colognes For the Holiday Season

YAY! Yet ANOTHER question comes through. This one is from my friend Abe, who is trying to make sure he gets the right gift.

“Hello, Miss Booker. How are you? I need a new cologne recommendation. Someone close to me is buying me a holiday present.” – Abe, Brooklyn, NY

Since I know him personally, I have a good insight to the colognes he already uses – Boucheron, Polo Green, L’Eau de Issey and Burberry Brit. So, he likes what I like to call “Masculine Modern” fragrances. Basically, this is your guy that likes to appear stylish without going overboard. He can rock a great suit and when he does jeans and a t-shirt, they’re clean and well-presented. So, we’re looking for notes of tobacco and patchouli with some woodsy notes and a touch of something more clean and modern, like basil or moss.

Here are three really nice recommendations for this type of guy, er, Abe:


John Varvatos Vintage. Photo courtesy of Sephora.

John Varvatos Vintage ($60-$80) – A fragrance that’s a sensual masculine scent without going overboard.  It’s assertive with a warm, spicy middle and a dry down that’s got the sensuality of  a great vintage leather chair. Notes of tobacco, cinnamon leaves and jasmine are combined with Mediterranean fruits, pepper and a touch of floral and soothing woodsy notes (oak moss, fir balsam and ashwood.) Plus, the bottle looks like a vintage shaving kit find. Very masculine, very nice.


Bulgari Pour Homme Soir. Photo courtesy of Sephora.

Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ($88) – This is a truly sophisticated men’s fragrance, one that you want to wear when making an impression. It’s a power fragrance without being overpowering but it’s more tailored and controlled than the previous fragrance. Notes of darjeeling tea, amber and musk are combined with a sensual note that’s relatively unknown over here: Guaiac Wood of Paraguay. That’s it. Not a lot of ingredients and/or notes but it doesn’t need to be complicated. This one’s perfection in its simplicity. No muss, no fuss, just a lot of good smellin’ man.

Tom Ford For Men. Photo courtesy of Sephora.

Tom Ford For Men ($40-$95) – This one is my wild card fragrance. If ANYONE knows sexy + male, it’s Tom Ford and pretty much every fragrance he does will be magic. This one is a classic men’s fragrance that’s woodsy and masculine yet very refined. This is a throw-you-on-the-bed-after-a-million-dollar-deal kind of guy: a scent that opens with crisp citrus notes for a clean scent, then opens to a middle of bright middle note of bright greens and ginger, then turns robust in the dry down for a body that’s all man with amber and leatherwood.

So, these are my picks. Good luck, Abe, and keep those questions coming, readers! I’m here to help!


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