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Kristin Booker • June 23, 2015

Bubble Bath Tuesday: Antica Farmacista Bath and Home Products

I have a strange little tradition of my own, which is that Tuesday is Bubble Bath Night.

And please do not take this to mean that I don’t bathe any other time of the week. I absolutely do.

But there’s something about Tuesday. Tuesday is the least respected day of the week. Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is pre-weekend. Friday gets it’s own level of joy, as do Saturday and Sunday. Mondays, we’re just trying to get through the day. Therefore, Tuesday gets forgotten entirely. Hence, I started making Tuesday a little slice of something special, particularly during the summer. For some reason, our Tuesdays in New York just feel hotter and stickier than other days.

In my bathroom (pictured here, the lighting is from a skylight in the ceiling,) there are about 50 beauty products being tested throughout the month. Many things come and go, but there is one rock-solid staple in that room, and that’s bubble bath, bath salts, and room diffusers from Antica Farmacista.

They just elevate the whole area to something rather special. I dream about these baths when I’m on the subway on days like today, where we’re all stuck together in a humid subway car, angry, grimy, and irritable. I get giddy as I press the door codes to my building and ascend the stairs because it is ON the minute I get upstairs.

Short of stripping naked in the hallway, I’m shucking off gear at my front door in anticipation of these baths.

Antica Bath and Salts 1

During the summer, I tend toward lighter, more citrus-y fragrances as most of us do, and I’m in love with Orange Blossom, Lilac and Jasmine Bubble Bath. I just purchased a new bottle, and the time is right: it’s Tuesday, it’s the longest point of the summer, and right now it feels like it’s almost 100 degrees outside. Sweaty McNasty has officially arrived to party this summer, and that means this little gem — along with the bath salts that accompany it — are on Tub Duty tonight so I can soak into a night of luxury while The Real Housewives of New York are on, bickering in another room.

Don’t judge me. It’s my thing. Let it go.

Antica Diffuser Long Shot

The complete anti-sticky-summer-yuck package is to put a reed diffuser (known by Antica Farmacista fans as “Room Ambiance Perfume”) in your bathroom. I know everyone on earth has one, but you have not lived unless you have this particular one sending bergamot and ocean aria into your life. Your entire bathroom smells like the Amalfi Coast. You’re soaking in skin-softening goodness that feels like an outdoor bath in Capri, and it smells so much like George Clooney’s home in Italy that you can sense Amal making snacks.

Not that I think she makes snacks. They have “people,” but in case she’s asking, a charcuterie platter and sparkling water would be divine, thanks.


At any rate, summer is the time to escape. Since most of us don’t have the means to jet off to the Italian Coast on a random Tuesday when everything feels moist and blast furnace-y, remember that sweet bathtub and get your hands on some of these products. Close the door, sink into bubbles up to your neck, and make your great escape…for a whopping twenty minutes.

Antica Ribbon

Antica Farmacista’s amazing products are yours for the taking at your local Nordstrom or via their website. Enjoy!



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