Kristin Booker • April 7, 2010

Ask the Expert: A Reader Question Answered by Celebrity Hairstylist Ted Gibson

I recently launched a little feature called Ask The Expert, where you ask me fashion, beauty and style-related questions, and I open the Rolodex to have a famous expert answer it for you. Recently, reader Sheri had a question about her fine hair:

“I have really fine hair. I can get it looking good in the morning, but by mid-day it’s totally flat and stringy looking. How can I keep the morning volume without having to reapply volumizer every few hours?” – Sheri, NYC

We asked celebrity hairstylist (Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, countless other celebs and magazine covers) and TLC’s What Not To Wear hair guru Ted Gibson to answer Sheri’s question for her. Here’s Ted’s advice:

“Tilt your head over in the morning and, using Beautiful Hold Hairspray ($19.99, give your mane a liberal spray from scalp to the ends.  Toss your hair back over, spray it again, and you’ll have instant volume that will last all day long!”

Not only did Sheri get her question answered by a celebrity expert (and good friend), but we’re giving her the hairspray as a gift for FREE! Looking forward to seeing fab photos of that massive mane, lady!

Have a burning fashion, style or beauty question AND want to win the product(s) mentioned? Ask away in the comments section! We’ve got experts LINED UP to answer questions AND give away free stuff!


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