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Kristin Booker • July 26, 2011

Ask The Expert: Online Shopping and Styling Tips from Neiman Marcus Last Call’s Brandy Lunsford

As someone who considers herself to have an advanced degree in shopping (I would definitely say I have a minimum of a bachelors in Online Purchasing) I feel it’s always great to learn from the experts when it comes to shopping and putting things together, which is why I reached out to Brandy Lunsford of Neiman Marcus Last Call.

With a background in fashion design and a sharp eye for current trends and silhouettes, Brandy’s adding her signature uptown-downtown mix to Last Call’s amazing sale items. Here are some of Brandy’s top tips for online shopping and styling your purchases:

FSB:  How did you find your particular niche for styling?
Brandy: Since I have a background in fashion design, it was a natural transition for me. Understanding proportions and the body have always influenced my personal designs, so translating that into styling is a very similar concept.

FSB: What are your favorite styling tricks when it comes to online shopping and putting together a wardrobe from your purchases?
Brandy: I always try to buy things that can be mixed and matched. I look at each individual piece I buy and try to think about how many ways I could wear it. It’s like a points system: the more versatility the item has, the more I’m willing to spend on it. Except for those few pieces that I know aren’t so versatile but are just a knock out. For those, I’ll reconsider my philosophy. 😉

FSB: How do YOU recommend customers shop Last Call?
Brandy: I recommend the customer look under the “What’s Hot” section first to see all the exciting new things we’re offering; it’s a great introduction to the website to get you started. It’s definitely a must to sign up for the emails as well because you get the inside scoop.

FSB: What are some of your favorite items that are on sale on Last Call now?
Brandy: I’m a big fan of the Robert Rodriguez and Vivienne Vivienne Tam collections we’re carrying. Robert Rodriguez creates clothes that have great clean lines with a structured cut that are perfect for the office. The Vivienne Vivienne Tam collection is perfect for layering and adding some texture to your look with flattering draped proportions.

FSB: What are some of your favorite trends for fall?
Brandy: I love color blocking because I have always been a big fan a monochromatic dressing. I love different shades of one color paired together to create a clean modern look. To me, “color blocking” is just a step more edgy and still keeps those clean lines and geometric feeling that I’m drawn towards.

FSB: If you could be in everyone’s bedroom as they’re looking at their closet to get ready for their day, what advice would you give them?
Brandy: I would say “always be a smart dresser.” Having lived in New York for 11 years, I always wanted to be prepared when I left my apartment for the day, which means making sure your look can be transitioned throughout the day with just the addition of some key wardrobe pieces that best represent your personal style. Also, it’s always better to be overdressed than under-dressed. No matter what you’re wearing, confidence is key!

FSB: Outside of your job, what’s YOUR favorite indulgence?
Brandy: Truly, shopping is still very enjoyable to me outside of work! I love shopping with friends and giving them a helpful opinion. There is nothing better then seeing someone feel great about themselves and it’s pretty exciting how fashion can do that. I also love time with my animals – my two dogs are the best. They add so much happiness to my life, so even when they eat my shoes (which recently happened,) I try and remember they’re just shoes and that I can always get more of them, but my dogs are irreplaceable.

Want to put some of Brandy’s tips to work? Shop Neiman Marcus Last Call.



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