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Kristin Booker • September 1, 2011

Ask The Experts: An Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan

Charles Baker Strahan

When you watch award shows and spot those gorgeous women with soft, gorgeous, glamorous hair, it’s not hard to spot the work of one particular celebrity hairstylist: Charles Baker Strahan. The man behind some of the hottest hair from major ad campaigns to the stars of Gossip Girl and many of the red carpet’s brightest stars, this is the gent that makes soft, sexy hair happen.

As we turn to fall and our thoughts turn to changing up our look for the upcoming season, I thought it might be fun to get this celebrity hairstylist and Herbal Essences Global Ambassador’s thoughts on how to get your own perfect hair this season. Here’s what he had to say:

FSB: How did you get involved with Herbal Essences?
Charles Baker Strahan (CBS): I became very familiar with what I like to call “accessible beauty” when I was on a makeover show several years ago that used all Proctor & Gamble products. That’s when I was turned onto how effective the products were. I am a big believer in their products ( Herbal Essences specifically) and had a genuine enthusiasm for the brand.

FSB:What’s your favorite Herbal Essences product and how do you suggest using it?
CBS: Do I have to choose just one?! I would have to say right now I’m most excited about the Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. It mimics the hair’s natural protective layer, locking out extra humidity to maintain its natural moisture balance, and the conditioner has a built-in smoothing serum which helps control frizz, keeping hair smooth. This is key when prepping your hair for styling since products and styling techniques are much more effective when hair has the right level of hydration. It helps protect against heat and styling damage.

FSB: What is the one mistake you see women making with their hair and how can they fix it?
CBS: I think the most common mistake is trying too hard. It shows and often you wind up damaging your hair because of that. I have a general philosophy:  if you watch your hair as you style it, you’ll see that it will tell you what it will and won’t do. Because of this, prepping your hair in the shower with the right shampoo and conditioner is SO important!

FSB: What are some of your favorite hair trends for fall?
CBS: I love seeing the vibrant color and the overall return to 70’s/80’s style in fashion overall; that essence of hair that is well cut and colored. For so long, we saw hair that looked like it was left to grow wild with ends that looked a little too “lived in.” The feeling of well-manicured hair that’s clean and fresh is definitely what we’ll be seeing more of.

FSB: If you could give every woman one invaluable piece of hair advice, what would it be?
CBS: Get a great haircut and use a great shampoo and conditioner that will provide your hair with the moisture it needs to look smooth and healthy. Take a moment to watch what your hair does and then follow its lead…you’ll likely be surprised what happens when you let your hair do its thing!

FSB: You work with a lot of celebrities who always have amazing hair for appearances and red carpet. What are some secrets to getting those red carpet looks for the everyday woman?
CBS: I think celebs seek me out for my sense of ease when it comes to hair styling. Hair that is styled within an inch of its life ages you. Hair should be soft and have movement, frame the face and be colored so beautifully that it works with or without make-up. When you work with what you have and amp it up slightly, when you remove the struggle from your daily routine, you’ll get a sense of ease and confidence and you’ll get a look that will last.

In order to take Charles’ advice (and I have, trust me), you have to give the AMAZING Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner a try. Especially for those of us who fight frizz and have issues with dryness, the shampoo helps keep hair smooth and sleek, while the conditioner has a built-in smoothing serum to help control moisture for touchable, smooth softness. At around $2.99 each, this is a great way to get red carpet results for almost nothing.

Which, of course, is always the best trick, right? Take advice from a top hairstylist and recreate the results for a mere fraction of the cost? That’s what I’m here for, ladies. Enjoy your fabulous, behaving hair!


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