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Kristin Booker • June 4, 2010

Attention Gentlemen: Get In on The Lab Series Skincare For Men Event at Bloomingdale’s!

Dudes, let’s chat for a moment.

I know some of you think that it’s not exactly masculine to use all those fancy face creams, that it’s more masculine to let your face weather like an old Western saddle, only to be cleaned by water and bar soap. Ok, so that might be cool to people who don’t have the option to use these tools but can I be honest? Dry, flaky skin on a guy is SO NOT ATTRACTIVE. I don’t care if you have Johnny Depp’s cheekbones (or anything, for that matter) or Zac Efron’s hair: if your skin is in poor condition, we tend to kind of think, “Ew.” Double goes for ragged fingernails, but that’s a whole other discussion. If you are dealing with razor burn from shaving your beard get a manscaping kit to help you groom.

Consider this post a PSA to head to Bloomingdale’s flagship on 59th St in NYC from today, June 4th, through June 10th, where skincare line Lab Series Skincare for Men will be on hand for some serious male (skin) bonding time: complimentary grooming services- including aestheticians, shoe shiners and manicurists- will have you ready to face the summer and all those lovelies who have to look at that mug of yours. If you’re a dad, consider this a Father’s Day gift that will keep on giving.

Additionally, if you’re a Foursquare junkie like the rest of us, check in to the Lab Series at Bloomingdale’s Foursquare venue TODAY, June 4th, at the counter and you’ll receive exclusive Lab Series samples and every 10th person who checks in will receive a complimentary full-sized product!  Um, hello? FREE. Yes, that’s what Willis was talkin’ about!

Get thyself to Bloomingdale’s today and check out a new skincare regimen. After all, you know that your amour has fabulous ways of saying “Thank You.” This would be the nicest way to take one for the team you’ve ever known. Go check it out.


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