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Kristin Booker • September 16, 2012

Backstage Beauty: NARS Cosmetics, Dashing Diva and Bumble & Bumble at Naeem Khan Spring 2013 Collection

Backstage at Naeem Khan before the show begins. The models are getting hair and makeup done. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

The backstage scene at Naeem Khan Spring 2013 Collection was relatively mellow, all things considering. Clean, organized, pretty quiet, not chaotic. Which is the antithesis of what backstage is normally.

Some of Ranjana Khan’s gorgeous accessories to accompany husband Naeem’s Spring 2013 Collection. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

The look at Naeem Khan called forth the collection’s inspiration, Wallis Simpson, the man who caused the Duke of Windsor to abdicate the British throne due to his love for her and a style icon for the ages. Let’s check out how the hair and makeup made the look:

NARS Global Director of Artistry James Boehmer works on a model backstage at Naeem Khan. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Makeup: NARS Cosmetics was responsible for the gorgeous look with glowing skin and minimal makeup, save a dramatic vampy-red lip. NARS Director of Global Artistry James Boehmer was responsible for crafting the look, who said, “The designer’s inspiration was Wallis Simpson,so to make the look more updated, we focused on a glossy, very vinyl-textured lip to contrast the matte texture of the skin.”

A model getting her makeup done backstage at Naeem Khan Spring 2013. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

The models received a facial massage to soothe their tired skin prior to makeup application so the skin would simply glow. Here’s what was used to get the look:

·        Sheer Matte Foundation
·         Radiant Creamy Concealer (New for Spring 2013, coming February 15, 2o13 for US/March 1, 2013 for global! Try Concealer for a similar effect)
·         Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Pressed (New for Spring 2013, coming next February. Try Pressed Powder for similar results until then.)
·         Madrague Duo Eyeshadow
·         Mambo Eyeliner Pencil 
·         Bali or Coconut Grove Eyeshadow (on brows)
The finished makeup look:

The finished look by NARS Cosmetics at Naeem Khan. Photo courtesy of NARS Cosmetics.

Hair: The look was a sleek low bun with a sharp center part crafted at the back of the neck where the ponytail was twisted upon itself into a low look, then excess hair was used to wrap around the base so no elastic would be visible.

A finished twist from the back at Naeem Khan, crafted by Bumble & Bumble. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray were used to prepare the style, then blown out with a flat bristle brush sprayed with Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray. A pony was created at the base of the neck, then looped around and underneath, then tied to the base of the pony underneath, with Bumble & Bumble Let It Shine On Finishing Spray used to secure the sleek, shiny style.

The red moon manicure at Naeem Khan, using Dashing Diva ColorFX nail transfer strips in Take a Bite, coming in Spring 2013. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Nails: Dashing Diva created a nail polish strip that mimicked the look of a red moon manicure. Lead manicurist Patti Yankee used the forthcoming ColorFX nail polish transfer strips (coming in Spring 2013) for a gorgeous nail that has the look and performance of long-wearing nail polish without smudging, drying time or harm to the girls’ already-challenged nails from multiple manicures throughout the week. Look for these awesome polish strips to come your way this spring in this color, Take A Bite.

All photos in this post were taken with the Nikon D-3200 camera, which is featured as part of my New York Fashion Week partnership with Target. To learn more about this camera, head to or your local Target store for high-performance electronics at an incredible price.


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