Kristin Booker • August 17, 2009

Banish Frizzy Hair with Kerastase Oleo Slim

Let’s face it: it’s hard trying to look hot when it’s hot. Everyone’s beauty routine takes a beating when the temperature is soaring and the humidity seems like some kind of cruel joke. If your hair senses moisture and immediately goes from manageable to maniacal, you need some assistance: get yourself a Kerastase Oleo Slim Discovery Kit ($98) and stop the madness.

How does it work? The products contain the exclusive Cera-Trioleum Complex, a trio of Apricot, Camelina and Procaxi Oils (high nutritive and emollient properties in each) that strengthens and straightens the hair. It then reinforces its straightening properties with a protective hydrophobic barrier that protects each strand against humidity and frizz, while reconstructing ceramides restore luster and health, protecting your mane from future damage. Let me put it this way: I normally have to whip my hair into submission with heat styling but after just using these products alone and air drying it in a ponytail, my hair was straighter, smooth and frizz-free for three days. Yes, it’s that good.

This set I’m recommending contains everything you need: a full size Masque Oléo-Relax Slim, full size Crème Oléo-Relax Slim, a complimentary 100ml Bain Oléo-Relax AND a complimentary in-salon treatment card. This is $149.00 worth of products for only $98.00 so I would be clicking and buying right this minute.

I wouldn’t normally tell anyone to get slim, but when it comes to hair, some of us like less fluff than others. If you want frizz-free, manageable hair, check out the Kerastase Oléo-Relax Slim products and give your hair (and your frustration level) a break.


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