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Kristin Booker • October 3, 2012

Be Beautiful and Strong: A Video Interview with Sportscaster Erin Andrews

Sportscaster and TV personality Erin Andrews. Image courtesy of Degree.

And along the lines of this morning’s post about maintaining your sanity, I have something pretty fun to share with you.

Many are familiar with sportscaster/television personality/Dancing with the Stars competitor Erin Andrews. Well, while I was away during the month of September, I had a chance to send her some questions in connect with her new partnership with Degree Women® Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™. The campaign, called Unapologetically Strong, celebrates women who push through adversity, who are determined to rise and keep going no matter what the circumstances. It’s a program that encourages women to test their limits, push boundaries and realize our inner strength.

I wanted to do the interview because I feel Erin’s a great model of what it means to continue to rise to the occasion, regardless of the circumstances and to keep going, despite adversity. I think she answered the questions pretty well, as you’ll see below.

Below is the short video clip. Hopefully, it will inspire you to also take time for yourself, discover your inner strength and find your own path to being Unapologetically Strong.



One Response to Be Beautiful and Strong: A Video Interview with Sportscaster Erin Andrews

  1. Karen Martin says:

    Erin is certainly a great example of rising to the occasion and pushing through adversity. She’s become a successful sportscaster in an industry once dominated by men. She shook off the affects of some crazy man videoing her in a hotel room. Great strong woman and simply gorgeous!

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