Kristin Booker • October 19, 2009

Beautiful Causes: Purple Lab NYC's Tea Party for Sealed With a Cure

Me with author Geralyn Lucas at The Norwood Club, NYC

Friday night, FSB was invited to attend a gathering of online media in support of Purple Lab NYC’s fabulous lip gloss created for Breast Cancer Awareness, Sealed With a Cure (SWAC). The event was held at the swank private Norwood Club in the West Village. Once inside the gorgeous, exclusive venue, we were treated to a tea party and some socializing before a truly memorable experience: a reading from Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy by the author herself, Geralyn Lucas.

Author Geralyn Lucas speaking to the group.

I should tell you why this reading was so powerful. If you have some of this amazing gloss, you see the name “Nancy” at the bottom of the tube. This is because the gloss was named for the cause behind the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, a woman whose friends and family wanted to see her disease eradicated so much they started a foundation in her name. The event was held in her name and as we truly enjoyed the gloss named for this brave woman, the reading by the author was dedicated to the daughter and mother of Nancy, who were present for the event. It was truly an honor to meet everyone there and it bolstered my resolve to continue to get the word out there for this amazing cause. Not only is Purple Lab an intelligent beauty brand, it’s one with heart.

I’ve already told you how much I love this lovely SWAC gloss so I’ll take it one further and have you join the challenge given to all of us. You need to feel beautiful in all situations so when you purchase the gloss, wear it someplace unexpected, take a picture and send it to me to be featured on FSB. Because if Geralyn can wear lipstick to her mastectomy, we can all bring beauty to even the most unusual of situations.


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