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Kristin Booker • December 4, 2012

Beautiful Inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor and the L’Oreal Diamonds Holiday Collection


A classic photo of Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor. Photo source unknown.

Let me first say for the record that there will be no mention of a recent Lifetime movie in this post, nor a mention of a certain starlet. We’re keeping this about the makeup, kids. No tabloid stuff here.

My love affair with Elizabeth Taylor is lifelong, having watched National Velvet as a young girl and following her career and incredibly glamorous life through photos in the magazines I was able to gather in my hometown as a girl. I share her love of many things, most notably luxury, men and, well, diamonds.

Photo: Giafrese

When the L’Oreal Diamonds collection came into my hot little hands a few weeks ago, I could think of no better beauty inspiration than La Liz, with her lush lashes and gorgeous lip. I’ve always wanted to see what it would have been like in another time, adorned in jewels, hopping the jet to Switzerland or stepping onto a yacht somewhere in the South of France.

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo source unknown.

Liz loved everything she loved in a big way, which is one of the reasons I’ve always loved her. Say what you will about her many marriages and imperfections.

Photo: Giafrese.

I find them perfect in every way. In my eyes, they make her as flawless as the many diamonds that adorned her -glittering, shining brightly…exquisite.

Photo: Giafrese

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m wearing in the shots:

L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation in Classic TanL’Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in GildedL’Oreal Infallible 24-Hour Eye Shadow in Gold ImperialL’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Diamonds MascaraL’Oreal The One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo in FlushL’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Refined RubyL’Oreal Infallible 8 hr Le Gloss – #465

All L’Oreal makeup (including the Diamonds Collection for Holiday 2012) can be purchased at your local drugstore or Target retailer.

All jewelry is via Carolee, which you can find at your local Macy’s or via their website. 🙂

Photo: Giafrese










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