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Kristin Booker • November 28, 2012

Beautiful Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

Photo: Giafrese

I first became obsessed with Marilyn Monroe as a teenager. As soon as I got a driver’s license, I started popping into the video store (if THAT statement doesn’t show my age, I don’t know what does) to grab video tapes (I lied, THAT statement ages me) of all sorts of movies. I was more interested in classic movies, those films with stars that seemed to hold the key to how to own a room, seduce with a look and who seemed to transcend time.

Photo inspiration: Marilyn putting on makeup. Photo source unknown (but greatly appreciated!)

I knew about Marilyn Monroe from mentions of her famous scene in The Seven Year Itch, but it wasn’t until I rented all her movies that I gained an appreciation for the actress. I rented every single movie she’d ever made. Anyone who knew me in high school knew I had giant posters of her on my bedroom walls. It wasn’t so much her tragic end that inspired me, but the persona she’d created – a voluptuous woman who owned her curves and knew how to capture attention in the most delicious ways.

Another photo that inspired me: Marilyn on the beach in a casual sweater. Photo source unknown.

It wasn’t until years later that I became more familiar with the intelligence behind the woman who created the image. She knew was she was doing for the most part and we can take a lot of inspiration from her delight in her body and her sex appeal. Marilyn’s allure stemmed from an incredible ease inside her skin. She almost seemed to delight in knowing herself really well, so much so that she seemed to beckon to everyone that we wanted to do such a thing as well.

Photo: Giafrese

These pictures were taken at a friend’s apartment, inspired by two iconic photos of the superstar, both highlighting some great candid moments of the actress captured on film. It’s a fun exercise for me as someone who is learning to be more at home in my own body again, to stop fighting my weight and all those insecurities that pop up every once in a while.

Photo: Giafrese

Confidence is alluring. Knowing yourself is the ultimate call to attention to others. Delight in your own beauty. It’s the most fun thing you’ll ever do.

This look was created with all CoverGirl cosmetics and it’s super easy to try. Here’s what I used:

I love that you can recreate this look from your local drugstore. Give it a try. Sometimes a great easy look inspired by a classic screen star can be a girl’s best friend. Well, that and diamonds, obviously.


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  1. Kitty says:

    Aww your pics are super cute! You remind me of me when I was and still am constantly do audrey hepburn make overs XD I never seem to get it right though . Like you I became obsessed with a celebrity but except here it was audrey. I’m so glad to see other women out there who still keep the classics going!! 🙂

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