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Kristin Booker • March 5, 2012

Beauty 101: A Little Lesson On BB Creams

I recently had a reader ask me what a BB cream is and how it’s used. Here’s a little lowdown on one of the beauty industry’s favorite products and how to use them.

The BB in the name says it all: they’re called “Blemish Balms”, “Blemish Base” or “Beauty Balms.” Even though they’re a recent phenomenon, they’ve actually been around for quite some time in Southeast Asia and rose to prominence in Korea, where actresses would use them for a flawless complexion.

They’re used now in multiple celebrity makeup kits and have made their way to Hollywood because they can do something rather extraordinary, which is give an even complexion and help to conceal acne while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance as well as – hold onto it oily skin sufferers – managing sebum production (aka – “oil’.) It’s sort of like using an acne cream, illuminizer, concealer and tinted moisturizer all in one and they’re fantastic. If you have oily skin (or T-zone issues), this could be a hero product for you.

Dr. Jart Most Moist Water Fuse BB Cream

The market is now flooded with these amazing creams, but for my money I am personally a fan of Dr. Jart. There are two products to note: the Dr. Jart + Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25++, which is made with 50% water to help hydrate skin and give you a dewy complexion while it hides imperfections and protects from sun exposure. Use it under makeup during the day and it’s great for people who might be a bit sensitive in my experience.

Dr. Jart Premium Blemish Base BB Cream.

If you’re going out for longer sun exposure and/or you want more of a skin brightening factor, go for the Dr. Jart Gold Label Premium BB Cream SPF 45 ++, which has added luminizer properties to help give you an even complexion. Great for a layer under makeup to help give you an even glow without looking shiny.

A note on complexions: beauty balms only really come in one tone, which is light to medium. If you have olive or darker skin tones, I would still use it, just allow it to set for a couple of minutes, then use your normal foundation or tinted moisturizer over it.

Ready to give a BB cream a try? Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you’ve got complexion issues, outside of a good gentle cleansing routine and a healthy diet, these products are my best advice for you.


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