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Kristin Booker • July 31, 2012

Beauty and the Beat: Let’s Talk About Why Natural Skincare Ingredients Are Good For You

This dedicated post has been produced as part of my partnership with Simple Skincare. The opinions within, however, are strictly my own.


Okay, so let’s talk about why natural skincare is good for you.  I know, I know: When you hear natural, you think of women eating granola with wreaths of daisies in their hair living in commune with nature. Although there’s nothing wrong with that (and I may have done that before…maybe), that’s not where I’m going.

One of the reasons I love my beloved Simple Skincare is that it’s as natural as possible, uses tons of pure ingredients, and contains no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin.

I look at it this way: I feed my body with natural foods for optimum health, so why not feed my face the same way? The skin is the largest organ on the body, which means whatever you apply to your skin, it “eats.” Makes you think twice about what you’re feeding your face, doesn’t it?

Let’s chat about why Simple’s stance on using natural ingredients makes them a great solution for sensitive skin types, particularly in the category that can be the trickiest when it comes to our skin type: cleansers. Here’s why Simple makes some of the best:

Moisturizing Facial Wash – Not only do I have sensitive skin, I have roaming-in-the-desert-sand-blowing-no-water-in-sight dry skin. Hence, I am a regular user of Simple’s moisturizing facial wash. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to help restore, soften and smooth my skin as well as Vitamin E to improve its.  It also contains Bisabolol, which is a fancy ingredient that soothes and calms inflammation. All these things together make for a gentle, nourishing cleanser that leaves soft, hydrated skin behind.

Refreshing Facial Wash Gel  – For those of you with oily skin, this product also contains these same ingredients as the Moisturizing Facial Wash AND is a great formula for you because it doesn’t contain soap and is non-drying – ESSENTIAL for peeps with excess sebum production (aka, “oil”.) Think “balanced” rather than “dry” if you have oily skin. Balanced will help keep your skin in a calm state, slowing sebum production. “Dry” means your skin produces excess sebum to keep it moist, which can result in disaster. This is a good product for balanced skin.

Smoothing Facial Scrub – You should really exfoliate regularly all year, but particularly in the dead of summer and winter when the buildup of sweat, environmental factors and general yuck gets a bit much. This gentle scrub also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, as well as Rice Granules as the active exfoliant. Rice granules are extremely effective but gentler than some other mechanical exfoliants. Just remember to use a gentle, circular motion with this and all scrubs: It’s your face, not a countertop.

Soothing Facial Toner – Gals and gents, I have a confession to make: I don’t wash my face in the morning. I splash water on my face, and then use a toner to refresh my skin and remove any impurities from the night. You’ll see Pro-Vitamin B5 again in this product, as well as the skin-loving ingredients of Chamomile (to soothe and soften), Witch Hazel (tones and tightens pores) and Allatoin, which is another softening agent. Wash your face at night, use this amazing toner to refresh your face in the morning and you will notice an amazing change in the condition of your skin.

From some of the most amazing ingredients to formulas that are as pure and natural as possible, these are the reasons I use Simple Skincare to be kind to my skin. Because I love my skin enough to feed it well and you should, too. It’s just that simple.


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