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Kristin Booker • July 8, 2015

Beauty Must-Have: Aveda Beautifying and Botanical Kinetics Skin Care

One of the best things about summer is warmth. We sit in the sun, drive with the windows open, and enjoy fun in and outside the water. I love it, you love it: summer rocks.

The drawback of summer is what it can do to your skin. If you think winter dryness is a problem, summer can absolutely hold its own in the battle for Harshest Season on Your Skin. Between the heat, air friction, drying chlorinated and/or salt water, and dehydration from excessive sweating, it can be really hard to hold your skin together.

This is particularly hard if you have excessively dry skin like I do. I don’t just have sort-of dry skin; I am in possession of Sahara Desert Dry Skin. It’s why I’m always slathering things on my body and avoid dehydrating foods like breads and pasta. I have to watch it or I could potentially just blow away as a pile of dust. Plus, it itches. I hate scratching. That’s no way to go through life.

When a bag of goodness from Aveda arrived a couple of months ago, I held onto it. Normally, I dive right in, but I knew that come June I would need something with the power to handle summer dryness. I always try to test things when I can actually put them through their paces, and after a solid month of testing these little gems, I can report back that they are, indeed, amazing and worth every penny.


The Botanical Kinetics products are created with dry skin in mind, using plant-based energy to boost the energy of tired skin cells along with telling them to hold moisture. Years on the planet can wear the cells of your skin down, so any product that can back up the claim of kickstarting them into desired activity is a good one in my book. The Intense Hydrating Rich Creme is luxurious and feels like a hug after a hot summer day, while the Energizing Eye Creme uses that cellular stimulation to not only hold vital moisture around your eyes (which is so critical since that skin is so thin and prone to breaking down,) but it reduces puffiness and uses Licorice Root to minimize dark circles. I’ve had a few sleepless nights with the relaunch, and this eye product absolutely delivers. I’ve found it’s particularly effective if you leave it in the fridge.

By the way, let’s say you have oily skin. The Intense Hydrating Soft Creme is an oil-free solution that works exactly the same way as the Rich Creme, but in a manner that won’t aggravate acne (check new treatment products for acne here). I had a friend of mine test it for the month of June, and she essentially asked for another container. “I don’t know if you can get another one, but this stuff is great.” She also has no breakouts because, hello, her skin is hydrated.


When it comes to the skin of the body, I’m pretty much in love with the Beautifying products. Here’s the thing: your body has natural oils to protect your skin from external damage, manage its natural moisture barrier, and essentially keep it supple and happy. Adding more oil to the skin of your body is pretty much the best idea ever because you’re just taking out an insurance policy that the pH balance of your skin stays even. The Creme Cleansing Oil is pretty much the closest thing any of us will ever get to Cleopatra’s bath time: a combination of certified organic olive and safflower oils suspended in a gentle cleanser. Oil repels dirt, so not only will you be clean, but you’ll be softer, more hydrated, and in the best mood ever because of the amazing scent, a combination of rosemary, bergamot and lavender.

Follow that up with the Body Moisturizer of the same scent and love all over yourself with that mixture of certified organic shea butter, olive and safflower oils. Let your skin air dry. Enjoy that moment of heaven before you have to rejoin the world again. Your skin will thank you.

Seriously, summer can sort of suck the life out of your skin. These products deliver some skin-softening sanity, and will help you enjoy this summer without itchy and/or clogged skin. Enjoy!

Aveda products can be purchased at your local Aveda store, or via their website.



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