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Kristin Booker • August 9, 2010

Beauty Breakthrough: Get Truly Frizz-Free Hair with Avon Lotus Shield

Photo courtesy of Avon Products. All rights reserved.

There are really fun things you get to do as a fashion and beauty writer, not the least of which is R&D (research and development) trips. A troop of beauty writers (myself included) piled into a fleet of SUVs bound for Avon’s Suffern, NY facility to view a truly revolutionary product. Ladies and gentlemen, we shall henceforth call this The Day That Changed My Hair Forever because that’s where I discovered my first truly frizz-free product: Avon Lotus Shield.

Avon R&D Expert Michelle Duggan explaining the science behind Lotus Shield.

Avon researchers are always coming up with new and amazing ways to answer the problems of their customers and one of the main complaints besides wrinkles is, obviously, frizz-free hair. Instead of looking to the usual solutions (silicone, wax, etc.) they turned to nature and the humble lotus leaf. Ever notice that water simply beads off the surface of a lotus leaf? Yep, the structure of the plant is hydrophobic, so instead of water spreading across the surface area and permeating what would be a thirsty plant (read: hydrophilic), the water turns into a perfect drop and it rolls off in perfect form, never permeating the leaf itself. Taking their cue from this natural wonder, Avon’s has mimicked this technology in a hair product that causes the same effect with moisture when it hits your hair: moisture simply rolls off instead of seeping into the follicles of your hair. The result? Your hair structure remains smooth and hydrated without the frizz.

A demonstration of the hydrophobic technology behind Avon Lotus Shield.

I came home with my sample of the product and I’ll admit I was really curious. Was frizz free hair possible? Because goodness knows I’ve tried everything else and I’ve been met with the same inevitable puffy, frizzy mess. So, I followed the advice of the researchers and expert hairstylist on staff: I put a quarter-sized amount of the product into my hands and smoothed it over my wet hair. I then used a boar-hair brush to work the product through evenly and started to blow my hair out.

The first thing you will notice is how incredibly easy blowing your hair out becomes: fewer tangles and less resistance. Post blowout and styling, it smells and looks AH-MAZ-ING. I mean, literally bouncy, amazing curls. Now, onto the real test. I went out into the NYC humidity and heat and – I’m not kidding – my hair DID NOT FRIZZ. I mean, I started to sweat, the steam was rising off the pavement and yet, NO FRIZZ. I know I must sound slightly mental that I keep typing in all caps but seriously, this product is going to change your life. Period, end of story.

Rather than showing you the luxe locks this product has given me (which, trust me, you’ll see plenty of because I’m never living without this product again,) let’s see the demonstration that we viewed at the R&D facility. Avon researchers put this through its paces before launching it to the market, placing the product on different types of hair in a Humidity Chamber, which is a room that has literally an Amazon jungle climate.

They placed this sweet employee (we’ll call her “Christine”) into said chamber with half her hair treated with the Avon Lotus Shield and the other half left to its own natural texture. The results are pretty clear, no? They tested this on Southeast Asian, Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Jewish and Caucasian hair and the end game is simple: it’s perfection in a bottle. I will never be without it again.

Group shot of the bloggers outside Avon R&D HQ in Suffern, NY

Look, you’ve seen me get excited about the Obsession of the Day and all sorts of fabulous products, but when I get excited enough to use all caps and that many explanation points in one post, you KNOW you need to get your hands on it. Call your Avon representative or head to to purchase as much of this product as possible. Summer humidity, gym workouts, sudden rainfall, snow – this is the product for the ages, people. Avon Lotus Shield – memorize it, acquire it, never let a bottle of it out of your possession for the rest of your life.


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