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Kristin Booker • October 10, 2010

Beauty Directory: Quick and (Relatively) Painless Waxing at Stark Waxing Studio At Sally Hershberger Face Place

Ok, so let’s face it: waxing is really no one’s favorite thing to do but it’s necessary. Many places will tout a “pain-free” wax solution but there’s really no such thing as a completely painless waxing experience. Less painful, more comfortable and fast? Yes, and here’s a place where you can get that done.

Head to Stark Waxing Studio at Sally Hershberger Face Place. Use the information listed below because it’s not visible from the street and the only sign is a small listing on the door above the buzzer. Ascend the stairs to the third floor and you’ll understand the meaning behind the name. It’s stark, all right: the decor is white but chic, so think more minimalist design more than doctor’s office. Sign some allergy forms and you’re on your way back to your appointment. My waxer, a very pleasant and funny aesthetician named Lura, had me disrobe from the waist down and we got to work.

What makes it relatively painless is the wax itself, which adheres to the hair only but not the skin. As your waxer applies the wax, she works on both sides quickly so as one stroke of wax starts to dry, the other is drying. This makes the process really fast and -really, I’m not kidding – quite painless. I mean, you’re ripping hair out by the roots so there’s no way you won’t feel anything, but I have to say – it was fast, pleasant and easy. Fifteen minutes later, I was Brazilian bikini smooth and ready to go.

The service will run you $70 for a Brazilian, but the prices vary for the different types of wax. They’ll basically groom anything you like in as quick and easy a manner as possible. Call for a menu of services and go check it out.

Because even though it’s getting cooler and you’re not showing as much skin, you’ll want to make sure that when you do (and you will have to eventually take off your clothes) you’re looking as smoking hot as possible.

Stark Waxing Studio at Sally Hershberger Face Place
425 W 14th St
bt 9th & 10th Aves
New York, NY 10014


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