Kristin Booker • March 13, 2010

Beauty Directory: The Life-Changing Butterfly Explorer Treatment at Butterfly Studio Salon


I was recently explaining to a friend of mine how busy I am. Besides running FSB, I have a full-time job, multiple freelance clients, a Features Contributor spot for the fabulous Running With Heels and I’m working on two side projects. She listened, then said one thing that really got my attention:

“What are you doing to take care of yourself?”

And there it was, the question that brought a million things to light. Working like a maniac to keep all the balls in the air, I had really neglected myself. I was exhausted and it looked like it. Which is when I discovered probably the best thing that could ever happen to me: the Butterfly Explorer Treatment at Butterfly Studio Salon on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

A quick bit about Butterfly Studio Salon, the brainchild of Kattia Solano, a legendary hairstylist here in the New York area. Trained by Frederic Fekkai, she’s THE best-kept hair secret of beauty editors and New York elite. It’s also a Kerastase flagship salon, which means that basically these mind-blowing products, along with cult favorite Shu Uemura, are all they’ll use on your gorgeous locks. It’s full-service, it’s impossibly hip and it’s worth every piece of press it gets.

And so, because I love you, my dear readers, I will show you the “Before” picture. I warn you: it ain’t pretty and I wish someone had told me that my hair was sticking up like this:

The Butterfly Explorer is a hair treatment like no other. You’re brought into a private room off the tony salon space where, in solitude with soothing music playing, your hair and your spirit are soothed into a state of elegant bliss. You’re thinking, what does such a room look like? Allow me to show you where the magic happens:

Eli (pronounces “Ellie”), a licensed massage therapist, gave me a scalp massage surely taught to her by an angel, then customized a Shu Uemura hair treatment for my dry, damaged locks and proceeded to work her magic. I then sat under a gentle steamer that helped the conditioning treatment penetrate while I received a delightful hand massage. I was then treated to a scalp massage that can only be described as sheer bliss (if I smoked, I would have needed a cigarette afterward). The treatment was gently rinsed out of my hair and I received a neck and shoulder massage before I was whisked away to the blow dry bar. That’s just part one.

After walking to the blow dry bar, one of their highly-trained associates blew my hair out with such precision it, well, blew my mind. This treatment also comes with a complimentary bang trim which, when Stacy (my new favorite person in the world) arrived to crop my nose-length bangs, turned into a serious conversation about the state of my hair. A decision was made: let’s cut it. And hence, we now have the little slice of magic known as Kristin’s Fabulous French Girl Haircut. You like?

Let me be clear about the experience of Butterfly Studio: you have to be really amazing to convince me in under an hour to do something I’ve been considering for over a year (I have a “thing” about the length of my hair.) This salon is about total caring and making sure that everyone who walks in leaves looking and feeling better than ever.

The Butterfly Explorer is an hour of unmitigated, restorative bliss with amazing Kerastase and Shu Uemura products. A massage therapist delivering healing hair and touch therapy followed by what could possibly be the best haircut of my life for a mere $140? DONE. If you live here in Manhattan, this is an absolute necessity. If you’re visiting, you can skip the guided tour of Times Square. THIS is the can’t miss experience when you come to New York City.

Book the appointment now, people. The results speak for themselves.

Butterfly Studio Salon
149 Fifth Avenue , 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010


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