Kristin Booker • March 10, 2010

Beauty Directory: The Ultimate Red Carpet Blowout at Davide Torchio Salon

I was recently invited for a little pre-Oscar hair primping with famed hairstylist Davide Torchio. Not only has Davide given Carmen Electra, Adam Lambert, Lance Bass and Morgan Fairchild (I DIE for M.Fairchild) their fab coifs, but he’s also worked his magic on two of my gorgeous friends, Dina and Sarah. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, this wouldn’t be an easy blowout for anyone. I had to wash my hair really quickly after one of my neighbor’s children, a total bundle of joy, smeared a melted chocolate bar with almonds through the back of my hair while giving me a hug. Mothers of the world, I salute you.

I digress. After Davide assessed the situation, I was sent off to the shampoo bowl for a quick conditioning treatment, after which individual sections of my hair were conditioned and protected prior to any heat being applied. Davide himself performed the blowout and then one of his assistants flatirons tiny pieces of my hair to ensure it was glassy sleek and smooth. Davide then used the blow dryer to whisk my hair toward my face. Davide voiced my mood as he was doing it: “You need sexy, just-got-out-of-bed hair.” Yes, my friend. We understand each other perfectly. That night I was indeed feeling belle du jour bedhead hot and Davide delivered without me having to say a word. Here is the fabulous result:

This salon is a very intimate experience with two floors of elegant space. Everything in the salon – the chairs, the beautifully-cut mirrors and chandeliers, down to the hair products and the brushes – is well-thought and deliberate. This is salon focuses on the HAIR, people, and the decor matches Davide’s style aesthetic: modern, glamorous and quality.

Davide Torchio and his team do amazing color, wicked cuts and other services such as Keratin and Japanese straightening. If you’re looking for something impossibly fresh and sleek, I’m making a recommendation to do something I never did before meeting Davide: just sit in the chair and let the man and his team do the work. You won’t be disappointed.

OH! By the way, if you mention “Fashion.Style.Beauty” when booking an appointment with the salon through March 31st, you’ll receive 20% off any and all salon services. Who loves you? 😉

Davide Torchio Hair
954 Lexington Avenue
b/w 69th and 70th St
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212-737-3621


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