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Kristin Booker • July 22, 2013

Beauty Essential: Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II

Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II. Image courtesy of Sephora.

Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II. Image courtesy of Sephora.

I recently had a friend who asked me for some lip product recommendations, and it turned into a Goldilocks-type discussion of the dreams and wishes this product recommendation would have to fulfill. It needed to be a lip product that delivered amazing color, didn’t fade in an hour, didn’t bleed, didn’t dry out her lips and it needed to be sheer sometimes and high impact during moments of necessary drama (like seeing your ex at a party looking SLAMMING HOT.) In short, this lip purchase needed to be the Holy Grail of Lip Products, and she wanted as many as possible, but didn’t want to spend more than $40.

Ok, problem solved. Ladies, if you’re not into Korres, I’m going to kindly request that you get involved, especially when it comes to this genius palette of their amazing lip products, packed with nourishing natural oils and extracts to repair, soothe and prettify your pout.

The set contains three of their nourishing Lip Butters (in old-school pots, go on semi-sheer, super-hydrating, buildable, nourishing) and three Lip Glazes (in easy-application tubes, stay-put, high-impact color, still nourishing and super-hydrating) in one set that allows you to mix and match as you see fit.

And by mixing and matching, I mean you can combine any of the colors with other colors and create unique looks on your own. People will ask you what color you’re wearing and you can tell them it’s signature, then smile and flip your hair in that I-jet-off-to-Paris-to-have-people-make-things-for-me way.

But if you’re in a quandry as to what new lip color to buy, look no further. Buy six at once and then don’t worry about it again for a while. This amazing set of nourishing lip products has got you covered.

Korres The Lip Blockbuster Volume II, $39, available via Sephora.


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