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Kristin Booker • May 11, 2014

You’re Invited: Join Me For the Gillette #VenusPerfectMatch Twitter Party

One of the things that can wreck your whole day is a shaving incident. Can all the ladies who feel me on this one raise your hands? Yep, I see you. Because, let’s face it: hairless legs are a real confidence builder for most of us, which is why when a beloved razor doesn’t do the job the right way (or WOUNDS us in the process,) it can turn an entire day into a grumblefest and a night into an irritated skin meltdown.

The right razor is kind of like the right relationship that way. When you find a hair removal tool that gets the goods looking great, it’s puts an extra pep in your step and a bounce in your hair. Evidently, according to research by Venus, 60% of women felt their sensitive skin was getting in the way of a close, smooth shave. Which, it turns out, may not be due to sensitive skin, but a sobering fact that comes to pass with all bad relationships – you may actually just experience irritation from using the wrong or dull razor. Yep. Nearly all (82%) US dermatologists surveyed agree that irritation from shaving can be confused with having sensitive skin, AND 91% of U.S dermatologists agree that your choice of razor used impacts the level of irritation women experience due to shaving. In other words, you may be in a bad relationship with your razor.

I know, it’s tough to admit your in a bad relationship, especially with a grooming tool, but never fear: it’s time to ditch your current steady who’s working your nerves (and your skin – OUCH) down to the bone for a new love. I’m asking you to commit to yourself and your grooming routine with a new steady: a razor that won’t dry your skin, burn your pores and will make shaving the easy confidence builder we all know it can be.

One of my favorite tools for hair removal for years and years has been the Gillette Venus razor; it delivers a closer shave with less irritation than most 3-bladed or 2-bladed razors, and it’s perfect for all your year-round hair removal needs.

My lifelong love affair with these razors has led the brand to reach out and ask me to help them with a little Twitter party this Monday, May 12th at 7 pm ET, which also happens to be Recommitment Day here in the US. Aly Walansky of A Little Aly-Tude and I will be doing a little girl time using the hashtag #VenusPerfectMatch and we’ll be talking about some of our own embarrassing moments with finding all sorts of perfect matches, from shaving to dating and relationships, workouts, failed attempts at a great number of things (I’ll even tell you how I got kicked out of the Girl Scouts if you want to know,) but it’s going to be fun and stay tuned for a big surprise at the end.

Be thinking about what your perfect match means to you, then let’s chat about it on Monday night at 7 pm! Thinking about ditching things that aren’t working for you, gals! It can start with something so small as getting a whole new razor.

Although this post is in partnership with Gillette Venus, the opinions within and all text are strictly my own.


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