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Kristin Booker • November 8, 2012

Beauty For The Facebook Obsessed: The NARS Cosmetics Andy Warhol Facebook Profile Makeover Tool

Me as interpreted by Andy Warhol, courtesy of the new NARS Cosmetics Facebook Profile Makeover Tool. And it didn’t take eleventy billion dollars to make it happen.

And this just in for those of us who get bored suuuuuper fast with out Facebook profile photos. Got a minute today? Awesome. You should go to your Facebook profile and do something spiffy with that snap of yourself that you agonized over and give yourself a touch of artistic flair. The NARS Cosmetics team has come up with something even cooler than cool with the NARS Cosmetics Facebook Profile Makeover Tool that will translate 1-4 of your photographs into a Warhol-style piece of art, which you can then use to makeover your Profile Picture and/or your Cover Photo. This is my newly-revamped Cover Photo and I am OBSESSED with it.

The beautiful thing? You can upload some new photos, snap a few with your webcam…doesn’t matter. But what you’re looking at is a brand-new way to make people envy your uber coolness on Facebook. Don’t be shy – we all do it.

Click this link below and get to your own makeover. Let me know what you think! I love it!



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