Kristin Booker • March 29, 2010

Beauty How To: Get ScarJo's Perfect Red Lip with Dolce and Gabanna Makeup

It always seems that women are on the quest for something. We’re always looking for the perfect something and the top three for most of us are the perfect jeans, the perfect bra and the perfect red lip. There’s almost no such thing as a universally-flattering red lip because the nuances of skin color are just so hard to pin down. The red lipstick that looks so amazing on my friends is too orange for me and vibrant pinks can sometimes make me look like I just ran a marathon (I have pink undertones to my skin). However, if you’re looking for a good cherry red lip with blue undertones (think Gwen Stefani’s color) with a tad of shine, I have magic for you: Dolce and Gabanna Makeup.

People always ask me what products to beauty and fashion bloggers actually purchase and I’ll admit that this makeup line is one that I actually sought out without being contacted and bought it with my own money. The colors are rich and the formulations are absolute perfection. The same care and concern they put into their gorgeous clothing is translated fabulously into their makeup line. I am a huge fan.

In order to create this dazzling cherry-bitten red lip, head to Saks Fifth Avenue and pick up three items from the line: The Lipliner in #3, The Lip Gloss in Ruby and The Lipstick in Devil. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips, then fill your entire lip in with the lip pencil. This creates a base and helps the color last longer (and appear more vibrant. Now, depending on your mood, you can use the Ruby gloss for a shiny wet red lip:

…or use the Devil lipstick for more of a classic screen siren lipstick look. Lipstick is HUGE for spring/summer so feel free to give your glosses a rest for a bit if you like.

Then step onto the scene with your hot red lip. Just watch getting it on a gentleman’s collar. That is, unless you just can’t help it. 😉


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