Kristin Booker • January 13, 2010

Beauty How-To: Lancome’s Sandy Linter Gives Expert Makeup Advice!

Ever wanted a professional makeup artist that would magically appear and answer all your beauty questions? Well fret no more (it causes wrinkles and THAT’S not really a good thing) because Lancome’s Beauty At Every Age Expert and legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter, has made a series of tutorial videos that bring her amazing advice straight to you. It’s like having her in a little box next to your makeup mirror! Here’s Sandy’s tutorial on foundation:

And if that wasn’t enough, here are Sandy’s tips on flawless blush application:

Do you have burning questions for Sandy? Ask away in the comments box and I’ll follow up with Sandy herself to make sure YOUR questions get answered! After all, FSB readers deserve special attention. 🙂


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