Kristin Booker • April 1, 2009

Beauty List: Top Five Reasons to Visit Cutler/Redken Salon

Spring is springing and you’ve been working on that body all winter. How about that hair? Most of us tend to go darker in the winter, neglect our basic cuts and in this economy, some people are foregoing maintenance altogether. This will not do. FSB recommends if you live in New York or Miami, you head over to Cutler/Redken Salon for some well-deserved pampering and a fresh style. Here are the top five reasons why:

1) Rodney Cutler and his team perform the minor miracles you see on the catwalks at New York Fashion Week. If major designers trust gazillion dollar models with the Cutler team, it’s safe to say you can trust them with your own hair.
2) The stylists are all highly trained experts who will consult with you before your treatment, listen to you during the entire process and will not stop until you’re completely happy. We know this because this is where we get our hair done and we are the first ones to leave a salon if this does not happen. If you’re in NYC, we’ll even recommend our stylist, Stacia. Yes, that’s how much we love you.
3) Rodney personally hand-picks the people who work in his salons to ensure that everyone is approachable, friendly and professional. A salon where you actually laugh and have fun with the staff is a novel concept, we understand, but something we can’t live without.
4) Your hair is your crowning glory, which means you should always hire the best you can afford to manage it. Most premium stylists cost anywhere from $200 up to premium cuts at other celebrity stylist salons that can go as high as $900. Cutler gives you the same quality at around $100. It’s mid-range in price but judging from the rave reviews of our own hair, we’re willing to vouch for the high quality.
5) Because it’s spring and it’s time to get a brand new look. You want to go into the warm weather looking smoking hot. Book your appointment now.

Need we say more? We’ve even given you our stylist’s name! Deep conditioner, gorgeous color, cut, bang trim: they do it all. Call 212-308-3838 here in New York City or 305- 672-4499 in Miami’s South Beach. But go show your poor hair some love by calling in the professionals. It’s Cutler Time.


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