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Kristin Booker • September 5, 2011

Beauty Must-Have: Get A Pain-Free Bikini Wax with BareEase & Cream Numbing Cream

Even though Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, it doesn’t mean that grooming goes out the window. You might be able to lax up just a touch on the workouts since it’s not bikini season BUT there are other occasions for which you’ll want to make sure everything stays high and tight and ready for action. Let’s be honest here, ladies: that bikini line needs to stay in good shape all year ’round. You just never know.

That being said, for those of us who wax, we all know that it’s not exactly a trip to the ice cream parlour (you’re taking hair out by the roots, after all) but there are some things you can do to maintain that pain. Like using BareEase & Cream, for example. If you want to remove your hair in a painless way get the best bikini trimmers online in 2018.

The brainchild of an board-certified anesthesiologist/pain management specialist, this 4% Lidocaine-based numbing cream (the highest concentration that can be sold on the market) works on the same principles as the pre-surgical numbing you would give an area for an IV or incision. You just place the numbing cream over the entire area that’s about to be waxed and then slip into the pair of Latex panties provided to seal the area off and allow the cream to go to work. It’s recommended you wear the panties for about 30-45 minutes before you head to your appointment (I grabbed a cup of coffee in mine – totally comfortable, no big deal.)

No need to wipe or remove anything – the cream sinks into the skin, where it will numb your area away. Proceed to have your waxer clean and pull away – you really won’t feel much at all as the numbing action is active for 15-20 minutes after the panties are removed. Trust me on this one: I’ve tested it and it really does work. You can feel the pull but no searing pain. That’s saying something for a Brazilian wax, folks.

Oh, it also works on laser hair removal. 🙂

The kits come in sizes S/M and M/L and they’re available via their website and select retailers nationwide. A pain-free bikini wax all year round? Yep. Look at you, smarty pants.




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