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Kristin Booker • August 31, 2012

Beauty Must-Have: Pond’s Luminous Clean Cleansers and Exfoliating Wipes

I love when pretty things show up at the office. :)

When press packages come to the office, they’re usually beautifully wrapped gift bags, kind of like getting little presents. This one from Pond’s was so lovely that I had to show you, because along with the products (which ROCK, IMHO,) they sent over a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette: Manners For A New World – 18th Edition (Harper Collins, 2011). I have a personal history with these types of books and it just brought back so many memories.

When I was a teenager growing up in West Virginia, I essentially lived in the library. I used to spend hours and hours in those books, looking for things to teach myself. I was 15 when I first picked up Emily Post’s Etiquette . I remember thinking to myself that I needed to learn how to handle myself in any social situation, that I knew someday I would be living outside of Charleston (my hometown) and possibly called upon to mix and mingle with different cultures at all levels of society. I read that book cover to cover multiple times as well as pretty much every book etiquette maven Letitia Baldrige (Jackie O’s former Social Secretary and Chief of Staff and a leading authorityon diplomatic and refined behaviors) ever wrote.

I’m writing this because I love Pond’s products and I’m obsessed with the fact that they’ve put that great formula into a luxe Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser and a Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, both of which are perfect for removing makeup and grime (although I recommend only using exfoliants about once a week, twice max.) I love the Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes because, let’s face it: if your grandmother had Pond’s Cold Cream in a towelette that she could use second before she fell into the bed, you KNOW she would so why wouldn’t you? Pond’s is one of those easy products to recommend: it does exactly what it’s supposed to do without fail or harm every single time.

But the thoughfulness of the book – which is partnership with Anna Post, granddaughter of Emily Post and the head of the Emily Post Institute – is SO timely. Just as Pond’s products are a great sign of self care, so are good manners in my book. Why is it okay to talk on your phone at dinner, let a door slam in someone’s face or – my personal pet peeve – body slamming into someone on the sidewalk and not saying, “Excuse me?” Maybe it’s time to just sit back and take a moment and consider the classics…good, reliable products and some good, old-fashioned social etiquette.

Either way, I’m in for both. Go check out the products in your local big box retailer or drugstore now, and/or check out the Emily Post book. Because good etiquette isn’t antiquated, contrary to popular opinion. Etiquette is a code of engagement that shows by example how you treat others and how you wish – nay, DEMAND – to be treated. Keep the bar high, ladies.

Let’s be an example of how to take care of ourselves…and others.


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