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Kristin Booker • June 24, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Silicon-Free Primer

I’m one of those people who have issues with foundation, powder and tinted moisturizer: the minute it’s applied, I immediately want to scratch it off my face.  There’s also something to be said for making your makeup last because, let’s face it, the more you expose your makeup to heat and humidity, the more likely it is to fade and run. Is there’s a product out there that isn’t irritating and helps keep your makeup set and flawless all day? Yes: Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Silicon-Free Primer ($30.)

This primer (which prepares your skin for flawless makeup and helps it stay put) is actually good for the skin and helps give you a luminescent glow with crushed pearls that add a gorgeous glow. Throw in antioxidants (kiwi, grape seed extract), antibacterial ingredients (honey) that protect the skin and help regenerate tissue, and skin soothing and plumping ingredients (lavender, aloe, glycerine and ginko biloba) and you got a product that not only gives you the appearance of smoother skin, it can actually HELP your skin.

It comes in one universally-flattering shade that works on all skintones (primers don’t have to match your skintone the way other face products do, just trust me) and will make you look like a screen siren. Ready to look like you travel with your own lighting crew? Go to Purple Lab’s online store or their store on the HSN link below to grab some for yourself. When everyone keeps asking you where you went on vacation, just come primed and ready with a pithy remark.

Purple Lab Pearlesque Show (regularly $30, on sale NOW for $22.50), via


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  1. Karen says:

    Thanks so much Kristin! You’re the best! MWAH! xoxo

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