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Kristin Booker • August 20, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: Purple Lab Silk Sheets Foundation

You know I’m all about the fabulous double-duty beauty company Purple Lab, yes? Well, open your makeup bag and wallet because now there’s a fabulous foundation, Silk Sheets, available NOW on and their online store!

Silk Sheets is a seriously creamy foundation that’s chock full of goodness to give you toned, firmer and healthier skin. What makes it such a must-have? Here’s what’s in it:
Hyaluronic Filling Spheres: Hydrates skin and increases moisture levels in the skin while filling in lines for a smoother appearance, leaving softer and healthier skin behind
Kelp: Yes, it’s seaweed but it also has natural anti-aging properties
Glycerin: Grabs moisture from the air and binds it to the skin
Silk: It ain’t called Silk Sheets for nothin’, hon. It locks in moisture which in turn gives you a silken complexion
Cottonseed Oil: Binds water into the skin by forming a barrier on the surface
Instalift® Goji: A natural peptide combining protein and Goji berries that visibly lifts and tightens skin wihtin an hour of application
Marine Algae Extracts: Optimizes your skin’s moisture by adding it back to the skin
All of these magical properties combine for a luxurious foundation that actually aids the health and appearance of your skin. The formula comes in five shades (fair, light, medium, tan and dark) and retails for $34.50. Get in on this, people. You can purchase through or Purple Lab’s online store.
Get gorgeous, ladies! Check it out now!

One Response to Beauty Must-Have: Purple Lab Silk Sheets Foundation

  1. Karen Robinovitz says:

    so glad you are liking the product! its the extra ingredients that make it special. thanks for all the love! MWAH!

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