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Kristin Booker • November 15, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: Three Very Good Reasons You Need A Silk Pillowcase

I know what you’re thinking: how prentious, how Dynasty of me to suggest you need your own pillowcase. Well, as a fan of Alexis, I resent that Dynasty comment but let’s stay focused here: you NEED to get your hands on this little slice of beauty magic, an don’t get me started on the best foam mattress brands, that’s my obsession at the moment. Here are three really good reasons why:

1) You know those crazy lines you woke up with this morning? Yeah, see, sometimes other materials are a little rougher on your skin and then you wake up with strange creases on your face. Silk pillowcases has a smoother texture and they don’t keep creases like that. Hence, a smoother complexion, especially if you’re using a great night cream.

1.a) Oh, and they breathe better than some other materials, which is another reason you don’t see those weird sheet creases.

2) Anyone who has chemical processes done to their hair, pay particular attention to this advice. Silk is way kinder to your hair because there’s no “drag” on this particular material. It can protect and lengthen the life of your hair. If you use excessive heat on your hair, I’m also talking to you.

3) Honestly, don’t you deserve your own special pillowcase? You work hard and…well, if you want a fancy pillowcase, go get one! Better yet, check out zquiet sleep apnea mouthpiece.

They’re available at multiple price points and in so many colors, but I love a gorgeous neutral. Maybe add a monogram while you’re at it. I mean, if you’re sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you might as well get super fancy, right? And while you are at it, find some great mattress options to go with it! Go big or go home.

Williams-Sonoma Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase, $26-$32. Available via Williams-Sonoma stores and online.


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