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Kristin Booker • January 3, 2011

Beauty Must-Haves: 10 Products To Repair Post-Holiday Hair Trauma

January 3rd is an interesting day. You’ve got to go back to work after over a month of non-stop parties and celebrations. The hangover might have just passed but if you’ll take a look at your hair, you might discover that your locks are in less-than-stellar condition.

The best way to apologize and breathe new life back into your hair? A deep conditioning mask and I mean on the double. Get your hands on any of these amazing deep conditioners and then slather them on. Enter the steam room at the gym or wrap your hair in a steamy, damp towel and let the product do its magic. Rinse and then – wait for it – resist the urge to use harsh chemicals or extreme heat on your hair for at least a day or two. Your hair will return to normal and will be stronger and healthier for the exercise.

I mean, constant curling and crimping and spraying is really so last year, isn’t it? Apologize to your hair with one of these treatments and start the new year off right with gorgeous, healthier hair.

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